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"What name do you respond to?"
"OneOne-FourDee, sir."
"Can you pilot this ship, OneOne-FourDee?"
"I can, sir. Do you wish me to relocate the survivors to the medbay or jettison any of the corpses?"
―Darth Plagueis meets 11-4D for the first time[src]

11-4D, pronounced OneOne-FourDee and often referred to as 4D or FourDee, was a masculine-programmed, multi-appendaged bipedal medical droid that served under several masters in the decades preceding the Clone Wars. 11-4D originally worked in a medical facility on the planet Obroa-skai before the Togruta Ellin Lah, captain of the freighter Woebegone, became 11-4D's new owner. In 67 BBY, the Muun Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis killed the entire crew during the freighter's trip to Ithor and took 11-4D into his possession, with the droid easily switching masters to the Muun. From then on, 11-4D helped his master with Plagueis's work, including the Muun's search for immortality. The droid helped Plagueis track down three Force-sensitives that the Bith Sith Lord Darth Venamis, whom Plagueis had captured after dueling and defeating him, had been considering as possible apprentices.

11-4D and Plagueis tracked the first, a shapeshifting Shi'ido, to the planet Lianna, where they later captured the Shi'ido before letting him go. After Plagueis found the second on the planet Saleucami, 11-4D and the Muun located the last, a Nautolan by the name of Naat Lare, on the world of Abraxin; Lare died in a confrontation with two Jedi later the same day that 11-4D and his master found him. A year after meeting Plagueis, 11-4D was introduced to the young Naboo native Palpatine on the planet Chandrila; Palpatine would later become Plagueis's Sith apprentice and take the name Darth Sidious. In 52 BBY, 11-4D was at Plagueis's side in the Fobosi District on the planet Coruscant while attending the initiation of the Muun Larsh Hill into the exclusive Order of the Canted Circle. There they survived an attack by Maladian assassins hired by the enemies Plagueis had made over the years by negatively affecting them with his plans.

After transferring their base of operations from the island Aborah on Muunilinst to the moon of Sojourn, 11-4D continued to help Plagueis with his work. There, the Muun let Venamis, who had been in a comatose state since his capture, die in front of Palpatine and 11-4D, and then brought the Bith back to life via midi-chlorian manipulation, proving how far the Muun had come in his quest for immortality. In 33 BBY, Plagueis was once again targeted by his enemies, this time on Sojourn itself. 11-4D and Plagueis escaped in the starship Scimitar, moments before Plagueis's opponents devastated Sojourn with a nuclear bomb, obliterating the facility and the surrounding landscape. A year later, on the eve of the election of Palpatine, Naboo's incumbent Senator, to the office of Supreme Chancellor, the Senator killed his Master, leaving 11-4D under Palpatine's possession.


Meeting the SithEdit

"Set a course for these coordinates, then attend to me in the captain's quarters."
"Anything else, sir?"
"Prepare food and drink. I'm famished."
―Darth Plagueis orders about his new servant, 11-4D[src]

Obroa-skai, the site of the medical facility where 11-4D worked

11-4D, a masculine-programmed medical droid named after his model number, served in a medical facility on the planet Obroa-skai, where he performed research and conducted surgeries on a wide variety of species using his multiple appendages. 11-4D was eventually given to the Togruta Captain Ellin Lah as part of the payments owed to Lah by the medical facility, and although the exchange was meant to be temporary, Lah kept the droid, who served on her freighter, the Woebegone. The Togruta eventually retrofitted 11-4D's specialized medical appendages to more suit the tasks found on the ship. The crew of the Woebegone maintained a reputation in the Auril sector, and, in the year 67 BBY, 11-4D traveled with the freighter to the Auril sector's ocean world of Bal'demnic from the planet Ord Mantell. The droid waited for the rest of the crew to return from the Kon'meas Spaceport in the main cabin space of the Woebegone, which was being held in a refrigerated hangar after taking on a fresh cargo of sea life.[1]

Upon the other crew members' return to the ship, 11-4D pronounced everything ship-worthy. Along with the Zabrak crew member Maa Kaap, 11-4D sealed the freighter before the Woebegone left Bal'demnic and jumped to hyperspace, en route to the planet Ithor, located near Muunilinst. While they were completing the jump, the crew of the Woebegone discovered that they had a stowaway in Cargo Bay 4. Five crew members went to confront the intruder: a Muun who, unbeknownst to the crew, was actually Hego DamaskMagister of the InterGalactic Banking Clan–allied financial group Damask Holdings, as well as the Sith Lord known to a select few as Darth Plagueis. The Sith had been stranded on Bal'demnic after his starship was destroyed during a mission to the world, and had stowed away upon the freighter to maintain a low profile as he tried to get back to the Muun homeworld of Muunilinst. 11-4D monitored the crew's discussion in the main cabin about what to do with the stowaway.[1]

The droid noted that if the Muun's business on Bal'demnic was going to adversely affect the planet, and it became known that the crew members of the Woebegone were the ones who brought him off-world, the crew might lose their reputation in the Auril sector. A decision was made: the Woebegone would drop out of hyperspace and contact the authorities on Bal'demnic to see if the Muun was on the wanted list. If so, they would turn around to deliver the Muun to the authorities. Otherwise, they would negotiate a fee for taking the Muun to Ithor. As the freighter came out of hyperspace, the Sith Lord raced into the cabin area using Force speed and attacked the crew members with his lightsaber after giving them enough time to draw their blasters.[1]

Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis, 11-4D's new master

In the resulting spray of blaster fire, 11-4D was only able to dodge the blaster bolts by using his ability to calculate their trajectories. Plagueis quickly dispatched the entire crew of the Woebegone save for 11-4D, whom the Sith all but ignored as he examined his victims. Plagueis then became 11-4D's master. After supplying 11-4D with new coordinates for the ship and forcing the droid to set the course, Plagueis also ordered 11-4D to prepare food and drink for him, as well as to tend to a wound that he had received on Bal'demnic. Once the freighter reached its destination and came out of hyperspace, 11-4D responded to Plagueis's queries on how the droid became part of the Woebegone's crew.[1]

11-4D then transmitted a code provided by the Muun over the comm to Deep Space Demolition and Removal, the space station that the coordinates had taken them to. Accompanying the Sith Lord to the landing bay after docking, the droid raised the boarding ramp of the Woebegone and activated the anti-intrusion system to prevent others from boarding the ship and seeing the carnage aboard. As Plagueis met with a Nikto to have the Woebegone slagged, 11-4D was only saved from the same fate due to the fact that his memory storage could be erased according to the Muun's needs. 11-4D created an audio and video recording of the slagging of the Woebegone at Plagueis's request.[1]


"Magister Damask, if I may be so bold as to inquire: what is our eventual goal?"
"The goal is to extend my life indefinitely. To conquer death."
―11-4D and Darth Plagueis[src]

Upon arriving at Muunilinst's skyhook High Port Space Center from Deep Space Demolition, 11-4D and his new master were greeted by several Muuns led by the elderly Muun financier Larsh Hill at the High Port Immigration's customs control station. 11-4D accompanied Plagueis to his home on the island of Aborah by speeder, and he was escorted by the Sith on a tour of his retreat. As they got deeper into the dwelling, the pair came across Plagueis's workplace, which contained numerous test chambers and caged creatures. After being left to wander about the laboratories and galleries, 11-4D returned hours later to report to Plagueis. The droid inquired whether the data related to Plagueis's project would be available to upload, as the droid was unfamiliar with many of the things he had seen. Plagueis tasked him with scanning most of the data, starting with the history of the Sith, the sect to which he belonged that was comprised of Force-sensitives who utilized the dark side of the Force for their own benefit. Upon further inquiry, 11-4D discovered the purpose of the Sith Lord's project: to conquer death.[1]

Tracking the Force-sensitivesEdit

"A Shi'ido, Magister. The candidate Venamis was monitoring was a skinshifter!"

When 11-4D's master later returned from the moon of Sojourn, where he had been meeting with other influential members of the galaxy, Plagueis brought with him the young Bith Sith Lord Darth Venamis, whom he had defeated after the Bith had surprised and attacked him on Sojourn. Venamis was another apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Tenebrous, Plagueis's Master, and had attacked the Muun in retaliation for Plagueis's killing of Tenebrous on Bal'demnic. In one of Plagueis's laboratories, 11-4D, newly refitted with medical appendages, assessed the condition of the comatose Bith, who was suspended in a bacta tank. The droid found that the patient's physical state was stable. 11-4D and the Muun hacked into the databanks of the ship on which Venamis had traveled to Sojourn, which Plagueis had also brought to Muunilinst, where they found entries on six Force-sensitive beings whom Venamis had been monitoring as potential Sith apprentices. However, the droid soon discovered that three of the beings whom Venamis had hoped would protect the Grand Plan, a centuries-old plot by the Order of the Sith Lords to destroy the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, had died from various causes. After discovering the existence of the Force-sensitives, 11-4D and Plagueis set out to find them to ensure that none of them would be able to pose a threat to the Sith Lord.[1]

The first Force-sensitive, a Quarren who had used the Force to win a large sum of credits in gambling, was tracked to Colliders Casino on Lianna, in the Tion Cluster. With 11-4D's surgical appendages replaced with a pair of utility arms, he and Plagueis arrived at Colliders, where the Sullustan manager of the casino ferried them to a large office after being informed that the Muun was Magister of Damask Holdings. As Plagueis was inquiring about a massive winning streak the casino had seen recently, a Kubaz gambler hit a winning streak, prompting Plagueis to investigate. After Plagueis returned, he, 11-4D, and the manager viewed a databank containing images of gamblers whose winnings had heavily damaged multiple casinos' earnings. As 11-4D and the Sith came out into the main section of the casino, 11-4D remarked that all of the gamblers, including the Quarren whom they were tracking, were 1.8 meters tall, even though they were of different sexes and species. The observation led the pair to conclude that the gamblers were actually one person: a changeling, and the individual whom Venamis had been following.[1]


The planet Lianna, where 11-4D and his master tracked the Force-sensitive Shi'ido

11-4D reasoned that the one they were searching for was a shapeshifting Shi'ido, as the group of gamblers had a shapeshifting Clawdite among them, and Clawdites could rarely stay in an alternate form for long without experiencing discomfort. Almost immediately after this revelation, a Bothan informed them that the Kubaz was leaving the casino. 11-4D and his master pursued since Plagueis had sensed the Kubaz using the Force to cheat, suggesting that the gambler was in fact the Shi'ido whom Venamis had unkowningly been tracking as the Quarren. 11-4D and Plagueis trailed the Kubaz across Lianna City, in which the casino was located, and after their mark entered a pedestrian tunnel, the two raced to get to the other end before the Kubaz emerged on the other side. The Kubaz never did; rather, a burly Askajian appeared, an individual whom Plagueis correctly identified as the Shi'ido in a new form. The pair followed the Askajian to an InterGalactic Banking Clan kiosk, where he deposited the credit chit that contained his winnings. After his departure, 11-4D and the Sith accessed the kiosk and acquired the account number and the name of its owner: Kerred Santhe the Second, the principal owner of Santhe/Sienar Technologies.[1]

The duo continued to track the Shi'ido, who was still in Askajian form, overtaking him and waiting for him in a desolate stretch of the city. On the being's approach, 11-4D shot the Askajian in the base of the brain with a tightbeam fired from a laser weapon hidden in his right arm. In mid-shapeshift, the changeling reverted to his natural Shi'ido form. 11-4D and Plagueis interrogated the shapeshifter and learned that Santhe was millions in debt to members of the Black Sun crime syndicate, and that the Shi'ido, who was affiliated with Santhe, had been attempting to pay some of the debt off bit by bit to prevent Black Sun from going public with information about the financial troubles, which would most likely cause Santhe to be ousted from power by members of his company. Plagueis let the Shi'ido go, as the being was not dangerous to the Sith and their plans, though the Shi'ido lost the ability to shapeshift due to 11-4D's tightbeam attack. Plagueis later tracked Venamis's second Force-sensitive to the world of Saleucami, but left 11-4D on the planet Sy Myrth to maintain a lower profile.[1]

11-4D and the Sith Lord tracked the third Force-sensitive, a Nautolan by the name of Naat Lare, to the Bedlam Institution for the Criminally Demented on the Mid Rim planet Bedlam, where Lare had been confined for five years. The Ithorian superintendent of the Bedlam Institution informed 11-4D and the Muun that the peculiar, gifted Nautolan had disappeared two months earlier, with the help of a Bith claiming to be a physician: Venamis. The pair also learned that the places to which Lare could have escaped were limited to the worlds of Felucia, Caluula, and Abraxin due to the small amount of starships leaving Bedlam. The Ithorian added that the Jedi Order had been informed of the disappearance because of Lare's gift with the Force. On their starship, 11-4D searched the HoloNet and other sources at Plagueis's request for events that might indicate that Lare was on one of the three worlds; the droid soon found reports of the killings of non-sentient marsh haunts on Abraxin.[1]

On that world, 11-4D and Plagueis came across a quartet of dead marsh haunts being hauled away by Barabel natives. They came to a Barabel settlement, where they met Jedi Master Ni-Cada and his Padawan Lo Bukk, who were investigating the killings on the suspicion that a Force-sensitive was to blame; Plagueis claimed that he and 11-4D were on Abraxin to attend to a matter concerning micro-loans. 11-4D and the Muun spent the afternoon eavesdropping on conversations about the killings and concluded that Lare's work followed a pattern. Later that day, Plagueis lured Lare out into a confrontation with the Jedi, which resulted in the death of the Nautolan.[1]

Further service to PlagueisEdit

"Contact the Sun Guard. Have them ready a ship and prepare yourself to accompany them."
"Yes, Magister."
―Plagueis and 11-4D, after Palpatine kills his parents[src]

A Sun Guard, a member of Plagueis's personal guard

During 11-4D's continued service to Plagueis, the Muun took an interest in the untapped plasma reserves on the world of Naboo, as well as in the young man Palpatine of the House of Palpatine, one of Naboo's royal families. 11-4D accompanied the Muun to Chandrila, where they surprised Palpatine with a visit in the Gladean State Parks outside of Hanna City while the youth was there as a member of the Legislative Youth Program. During the meeting, Palpatine expressed his anger at his father, and he also revealed that he had known the two would come for him, despite the fact that the visit was supposed to be a surprise. During the meeting, both 11-4D and Plagueis realized that the youth was highly Force-sensitive.[1]

11-4D and Plagueis later returned to Aborah, where they continued the Muun's work on Venamis. 11-4D applied his expertise on the internal organs, while the Sith attempted to manipulate the Bith's midi-chlorians to extend Venamis's life. A communication from Palpatine interrupted 11-4D and Plagueis's work to inform them that the youth had killed his own parents using the Force in a fit of anger. 11-4D supplied Palpatine's location by request and accompanied a squad of Plagueis's Sun Guards to help the young Naboo noble. A week later, Palpatine took the title Darth Sidious, becoming Plagueis's Sith apprentice as part of the Rule of Two, the guiding principle of the Sith that stated there would only be two Sith at a time: the Master and the apprentice.[1]

Over the next eleven years, 11-4D continued to watch over the suspended Venamis, and Plagueis collected numerous new test subjects from a wide range of species, including a lizard-like Yinchorri specimen. Although natural immunity to telepathy and other mind tricks helped the Yinchorri resist being compelled to pay obeisance to the Muun for two years, 11-4D witnessed firsthand as the Yinchorri finally broke and bowed to the Sith Lord's mastery.[1]

Assassination attemptEdit

"Magister Damask, I can be of service."
―11-4D, after an assassination attempt on Plagueis[src]

In 52 BBY, accompanied by 11-4D, Plagueis visited the Lodge of the Order of the Canted Circle on the galactic capital of Coruscant's Fobosi District in order to attend the initiation of Larsh Hill into the old and prestigious Order of the Canted Circle. Meanwhile, Palpatine, who had become the Senator for Naboo as he secretly worked for the Sith's interests in the Senate of the Galactic Republic, was kidnapped by forces sent by the Gran Senator Pax Teem and Santhe Security on Coruscant—Palpatine's relations with Plagueis's alter ego, Hego Damask, needled both parties, as his plans adversely affected them. After Palpatine was rescued by Plagueis's Sun Guards, Plagueis, with 11-4D standing beside him, contacted his apprentice via hologram from the Fobosi District. After sending a squad of Sun Guards to exact revenge on the Gran at the Panoply Orbital Facility, Plagueis soon returned to the matter at hand: Hill's initiation.[1]

Coruscant view EII 1

The buildings of the planet Coruscant, on which 11-4D and Plagueis were attacked

During the ceremony, cloaked Maladian assassins hired by Teem and disguised as Canted Circle members attacked Plagueis and the Muuns attending the initiation. Throwing decapitator disks, the assassins struck down numerous Muuns—including Hill—and wounded Plagueis in the neck. 11-4D was hit in more than three places and heavily damaged; leaking lubricant, he still tried to reach his master. The droid came within a meter of Plagueis before being forced to take himself through a self-diagnosis routine due to damage dealt by five of the assassins' disks. The Maladians continued their attack on Plagueis, who became severely wounded, before being cut down by Palpatine and his ally Sate Pestage with a repeating blaster, as the Muun's apprentice had sensed what was transpiring. Despite his damage, 11-4D managed to walk to the wounded Plagueis's side and treat his injuries.[1]

Palpatine later dealt with Teem, who was not at the Panoply Orbital Facility as they had believed, but instead at the Gran Protectorate Embassy, where the Sith killed him and his allies. The damage dealt to 11-4D was repaired, and, one month after the attack, 11-4D escorted Palpatine during his first visit to Aborah. The droid led Palpatine to the waiting Plagueis, who had been forced to wear a breath mask due to his injuries. Plagueis then outlined his plan to relocate all of his work and Sith-related objects to Sojourn, where he and 11-4D would now operate from Plagueis's residence there.[1]


"Five battleships have been detected, Magister."
"Ahead of schedule."
"Perhaps your enemies received intelligence that their attack plan had been compromised."
"A sound speculation, FourDee."
―11-4D and Plagueis, before Ars Veruna's attack on Sojourn[src]

In the time after the attack on Plagueis, 11-4D became a liaison between Plagueis and the Sun Guards, relaying his master's requests instead of the orders coming directly from Plagueis, as had been the case in the past. As twenty years passed by, many of Plagueis's test subjects died, while the once-grand residence on Sojourn slowly fell into shambles. Sometime around 34 BBY, 11-4D, along with Plagueis and Palpatine, viewed a holorecording of the Zabrak Darth Maul—a non–Rule of Two Sith apprentice of Palpatine—destroying combat droids for training.[1]

While Plagueis was still preoccupied with attempting to give life to Venamis, 11-4D reported to his master one day that the geological compressor from Plagueis had arrived on schedule at the prison Cog Hive Seven; the geological compressor was a part of a plan to assassinate the reclusive weapons dealer Iram Radique, who operated out of the prison. The droid also informed the Sith Lord that the Muun Vesto Slipher from the IBC, whom Plagueis had sent to the prison to further his plans, had met his end at the hands of a CLL-series load lifter. By using the surveillance footage from the prison, 11-4D had been able to confirm that the droid that had decapitated Slipher had also been tasked with delivering the geological compressor to Maul, who was undercover as a prisoner in Cog Hive Seven. To answer the droid's question as to why Plagueis had interceded and secretly helped Maul by providing the Zabrak with the device, as Sidious had been tasked with seeing that the task was fulfilled, the Muun replied that it was to strengthen his and Sidious' relationship, because the Human Sith Lord had been displaying too much self-reliance.[3]

Sometime afterward, Plagueis allowed the Bith Venamis to die after being kept in stasis for so long. A stunned 11-4D and Palpatine watched as Plagueis willed the midi-chlorians of Venamis back to life, only to let the Bith die again. Plagueis repeated this process until Venamis's organs gave out, and then left the Bith at peace.[1]


The Scimitar, in which 11-4D and Plagueis escaped Sojourn

11-4D later attended a meeting on Sojourn between his master and the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure. 11-4D and the Muun were invited to visit Jabba's Palace on the world of Tatooine by the Hutt lord himself, and also learned that Komari Vosa, the former Padawan of the Jedi Knight Dooku, had become the leader of the Bando Gora cult, information that the Sith would later use to pressure Dooku to join the Sith's cause. Sometime during 33 BBY, 11-4D and Plagueis received warning from Jabba of an impending attack against the Muun Sith Lord on Sojourn at the hands of the current Monarch of Naboo, Ars Veruna, who owed his position to Plagueis's intervention, but had come to resent the Muun after Plagueis recently betrayed him by trying to get Veruna off the throne. 11-4D helped arrange the evacuation of the facility at Sojourn, making sure that all the data on the projects had been deleted, communicating Plagueis's orders to the Sun Guards, and carrying storage boxes to the courtyard.[1]

11-4D returned to his master and informed him that the incoming attack fleet, comprised of five battleships, had arrived ahead of schedule. In the courtyard, the droid and Plagueis quickly boarded the Scimitar, a prototype starship equipped with a cloaking device. Cloaked, the Scimitar carried the duo away from the surface, which moments later was leveled by a nuclear bomb. The ship proceeded to Jabba's starship, the Star Jewel, which awaited them in the system. Back on Coruscant, 11-4D escorted Palpatine to Plagueis's study in the Kaldani Spires Residential Apartments, where the two Sith discussed how to exact revenge on Veruna and his allies. 11-4D accompanied Plagueis on his mission to deal with Veruna; after Plagueis landed his starship near a castle in the Western Reaches of Naboo, where Veruna sought refuge, 11-4D remained in the cockpit of the craft as Plagueis exacted revenge and killed his enemy.[1]

Death of the masterEdit

"We're going to have to find you a new home and a new body, droid."
"Yes, Master Palpatine."
―Palpatine and 11-4D, after Plagueis's death[src]

In 32 BBY, the galaxy-spanning Trade Federation invaded the world of Naboo over a trade dispute—an event that was manipulated into fruition by both Plagueis and Palpatine to get the latter appointed Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Soon after the invasion commenced, Plagueis and 11-4D watched from afar as Palpatine met with his apprentice, Maul, on a balcony on one of Coruscant's buildings. Palpatine tasked Maul with finding Queen Padmé Amidala, Veruna's successor as the ruler of Naboo, after she had managed to escape the blockade of her homeworld with the help of a small group of allies, including two Jedi. 11-4D relayed the conversation to Plagueis by using his auditory inputs.[1]

As per Plagueis's and Palpatine's plan, Amidala called for a Vote of No Confidence in the current Chancellor, Finis Valorum, so that Palpatine might be elected to the office of Supreme Chancellor. On the eve of that vote, 11-4D acted as a waiter during a discussion between Palpatine and Plagueis in the latter's penthouse at Kaldani Spires. Master and apprentice discussed the progress of the Sith Grand Plan and how Palpatine would take Damask as his co-chancellor, talking for most of the night. When Plagueis grew drunk from wine and fell asleep, the apprentice betrayed and murdered him, securing the power of the Senate for his sole command. 11-4D attempted to help the fallen Dark Lord, but the droid was halted from doing so by order of his new owner, who noted that the droid would need a new home and body. 11-4D shuffled in confusion at this turn of events.[1]



"How much of your memory can be wiped without tampering with your medical protocols?"
"I'm modular in design. My memory storage can be erased in its entirety or according to whatever parameters you establish."
―Darth Plagueis and 11-4D[src]

A multi-appendaged bipedal droid, 11-4D was named after his model number and possessed masculine programming. Being a medical droid,[1] 11-4D was classified as a first-degree droid.[2] The droid's appendages could be retrofitted, which was done on numerous occasions: 11-4D's original surgical-suited appendages were retrofitted by Ellin Lah to serve the Woebegone's tasks, before being returned to the original ones by his new Muun master, Darth Plagueis. On the trip to Lianna, 11-4D used a pair of broad-purpose utility arms that concealed a laser weapon in the right arm. At the time of the bombing of Sojourn, 11-4D possessed four arms. He had a round head and an alloy shell, and he was able to move at a speed that was considered fast for a droid.[1]

11-4D had auditory sensors, which allowed him to hear better than most organics, including Plagueis, and he had olfactory sensors which could detect things such as the release of pheromones. 11-4D's photoreceptors could, upon adjusting the input rate, see subjects traveling at the heightened rate of Force speed, and at a distance farther away than an organic could. His photoreceptors made a whirring sound whenever they focused on something, and with them, he could make audio and video recordings. The droid's memory storage was modular in design, capable of being wiped completely or to the degree seen fit by his master. He was able to intake data by downloading or scanning. 11-4D had a large databank of information and had multiple listings under certain topics, although some references escaped his databank's capacities. The droid had the ability to calculate the trajectory of objects and to react instantaneously to danger, which helped him keep himself out of harm's way during the fighting on the Woebegone. 11-4D was able to take himself through a self-diagnosis check, a capacity he used to assess the damage dealt to him during the attack in the Fobosi District.[1]


"But Captain Lah decided to keep you."
"Yes, sir. She decided to keep me. I'm sorry to say that I am at a loss to explain her reasons, and I never presumed to ask."
"That's a good quality in a droid."
"I understand how that could be, sir."
―Darth Plagueis and 11-4D[src]

11-4D was very knowledgeable and skilled in the medical field. The droid had an advanced understanding of the physiology of many species, such as the Shi'ido, Clawdites, and Pau'ans. 11-4D later used his knowledge of shapeshifting species to identify as a Shi'ido the first Force-sensitive whom Venamis had selected as a potential apprentice. The droid was also adept at performing surgeries, completing most of these while in the service of the Obroa-skai facility, although he did perform some while serving Darth Plagueis. 11-4D was able to diagnose certain medical traits and had experience in organ replacement surgery, telomere genotherapy, and carbonite suspension.[1]

As he was responsible for the well-being of the Woebegone's crew, 11-4D created individual profiles for the crew based on details such as body temperature and breathing rates. He was able to tell that the Muun stowaway significantly elevated many of the crew's stress levels. 11-4D frequently eavesdropped on the crew's conversations in order to gauge their health. During his time under Plagueis, the droid looked after Venamis, one of Plagueis's most prized specimens, while the Bith was in his comatose state. Whenever Plagueis was injured, 11-4D was able to help his master with his medical capabilities, even in the Fobosi District when 11-4D was heavily damaged. 11-4D was able to pilot ships and prepare food and drink.[1]

When Plagueis replaced Ellin Lah as 11-4D's master, the droid immediately transitioned to become the Sith Lord's servant. 11-4D was loyal to Plagueis, accompanying him on many missions, and when the Muun was severely wounded by the Maladians, 11-4D attempted to help Plagueis in the midst of the attack. When Plagueis was killed by Palpatine, 11-4D tried to treat the Muun for his injuries, but was motioned not to by the Senator. Although he later addressed Palpatine as "master," 11-4D shuffled in confusion at the change of ownership. Due to his time spent serving the Sith, 11-4D became knowledgeable about the Force and knew that if Plagueis attempted to contact Naat Lare on Abraxin via the Force, the Jedi there would most likely sense him. After Palpatine informed 11-4D and the Muun that he knew that they would come to Chandrila, 11-4D found it curious that his premonitions were correct. He also wished he could have a tool comparable to the Force. 11-4D sensed something was about to happen seconds before the attack in the Fobosi District.[1]

11-4D was always polite to his owner, never failing to address his master by his or her proper title. The droid was a logical thinker, able to hypothesize very accurately about certain events, such as why the attack force sent at Sojourn had arrived early, which he speculated was because Plagueis's enemies had gotten wind of his knowledge of their imminent attack. 11-4D's speculations were deemed sound by Plagueis, a knowledgeable and powerful being. Before exiting the ship on Naboo prior to his murder of Veruna, Plagueis was comforted by the fact that 11-4D would anticipate resistance, as the Muun was currently doing. 11-4D never presumed to ask why Captain Lah kept the droid, and upon Plagueis's statement that such conduct was a good quality in a droid, 11-4D agreed.[1]

11-4D, in the conversation that the crew of the Woebegone had on the matter of the Muun stowaway, pointed out how they might lose their reputation in the Auril sector if word got out that they had transported a Muun who had negatively affected Bal'demnic off-world. During his time on Sojourn, 11-4D took to communicating Plagueis's orders and requests to the Sun Guards. When 11-4D was tasked with deleting the data on Sojourn, he made sure it was gone twice before doing so a third time after Plagueis asked it of him. In the moments leading up to the bombing, 11-4D took considerable charge in carrying out the evacuation, deleting the data, contacting the Sun Guards, and arranging for the Scimitar's departure.[1]

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"There's a scene at the end of Labyrinth of Evil where a couple of droids get the drop on the good guys who are closing in on Sidious's secret lair. I like to think the 11-4D might have been in that room, and he was surely present when Anakin was fitted with the suit."
―James Luceno on 11-4D[src]

11-4D first appeared in 2012's Darth Plagueis, written by author James Luceno.[1] 11-4D was later mentioned in Pablo Hidalgo's The Essential Reader's Companion, released in 2012,[4] and also played a minor role in 2014's Maul: Lockdown, by Joe Schreiber.[3] In a question session on Facebook, Luceno commented that 11-4D was present when Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker was fitted with his armor as he became the Sith Lord Darth Vader,[5] a scene from 2005's Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[6] Luceno also stated that it was possible that 11-4D was one of the droids that ambushed the elite Republic squad Aurek Team as they neared Palpatine's secret lair on Coruscant,[5] an event which happened in Luceno's own book, Labyrinth of Evil, also in 2005.[7] However, neither of Luceno's theories have been confirmed as canon. Despite Darth Plagueis more commonly referring to 11-4D as an "it," this article assumes that the droid has masculine programming due to the book occasionally referring to it as a male.[1]



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