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This article is about the clone known as "Whiplash". You may be looking for the underground resistance group called Whiplash.
"Cadet 1174 how many engines fail before auxiliary power kicks in?"
"Sir! Three on port and starboard sides, sir!"
―Clone Trooper Sergeant Crasher to Whiplash[src]

1174, also known as "Whiplash" or "Whip", was a member of the Clone Youth Brigade during the Clone Wars.


While aboard the Endurance he was wary of Boba Fett, who had infiltrated the ship. When Boba Fett sabotaged the ship, the Clone Cadets were sent to the escape pods. Whiplash was in the same escape pod as Boba Fett—alias "Lucky"—as well as other cadets Jax and Hotshot when Aurra Sing arrived in the Slave I to pick up Boba. Aurra Sing then coldly ordered Boba to jettison Jax, Whip, and Hotshot into deep space, which Boba unwillingly agreed to. Several moments after they were jettisoned, Whip scolded Jax for defending Boba before being rescued by General Skywalker and General Windu.


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