The 125-Z treadspeeder bike was a model of speeder bike which saw service during the war between the First Order and the Resistance.


A treadspeeder cross-section

The First Order Treadspeeders were rugged, shielded patrol speeder bikes which had a design that granted greater traction on unstable terrain. Two of these speeders could be carried aboard an AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport.[1] It heavy laser cannons where manufactured by Sonn-Blas, its shields where manufactured by Chempat, and its outer treads where made of plasteel.[1] It could also avoid countermeasures that jammed traditional speeders.[5] The treadspeeder bike was designed to catapult First Order jet troopers into the air during First Order operations.[2]

The treadspeeder was a hybrid design combining aspects of treaded and repulsorlift vehicles. A track impeller drove the vehicle while low-yield, jamming-resistant repulsorlifts acted as secondary stabilizers. The forward track, known as the Ripper, wrapped around the drive wheel and grabbed at the ground. The Treadspeeder should have been much heavier and more unwieldy, but due to the repulsorlifts, the tail section was kept aloft. A rear thruster boosted both maneuverability and speed.[6]

Unlike most scout vehicles, the Treadspeeder utilized shielding technology. Usually, dust particles disrupted the shielding process, but First Order engineers found a solution. A refreshing cooling system let the shields remain active at a diminished state. When the stormtroopers helmet detected an incoming threat, the shields would activate fully, blocking any harm.[6]

For weapons, the Treadspeeder featured two heavy laser cannons on outriggers. These cannons relied on their own battery packs and not the main speeder cell. If those weren't enough, the passengers and pilot could also supplement with small arms fire.[6]

They were piloted by First Order Treadspeeder Drivers, specialized stormtroopers who, in certain instances, were encased in a variant of the First Order stormtrooper armor.[1] Otherwise, the drivers donned the standard stormtrooper armor.[2]


Advancements in anti-repulsorlift technology made alternative scout bikes an option. The First Order had perfected high-yield repulsorlift jamming, and so it saw the advantage in having vehicles immune to such devices.[6]

One such speeder was used by a sergeant of the First Order's 709th Legion on the planet Batuu to take down two criminals who had pinned down members of the 709th Legion.[3]

The First Order deployed them during the Blockade of Kashyyyk, but they were all destroyed singlehandedly by the Wookiee Chewbacca, who was freeing the captives.[7]

Two pairs of Treadspeeder pilots and jet troopers, on two separate First Order Treadspeeders, pursued Resistance agents Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, and droids C-3PO and BB-8 during a mission to Pasaana.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

One of the First Order Treadspeeder props (made by Belgian Prop Builders) was shown to the public during Celebration Chicago.[5]



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