The 16th Escort Force was a unit of the Imperial Starfleet during the Galactic Civil War.


Under the command of Commodore Soleric, the 16th was tasked with the protection of commercial starships traveling between the Induparan Crown Worlds in the Ado sector. As Rebel Alliance-funded privateers of Free Lance began to raid the valuable merchant vessels plying the Induparan spacelanes, the 16th was spread thin. Whether by Soleric's lack of command or by the tenacity of Urias Xhaxin, the 16th was unable to protect their charges and maintain order in the sector.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the exact composition of the force is unknown it was described as being a relatively small flotilla. Both the name and the rank of its commanding officer point to the 16th being no less than a system force shaped as Force Escort, but the description of the 16th as small and the highly specific area of protection could lead to a variety of conclusions, in any combination: the 16th was a modified system force, the commerce of the region was important enough to warrant a Commodore's supervision, or the name was a misnomer.


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