"Approximately 17,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, as the Republic's fortunes reached a high point during extensive growth into the Expansion Region, the Alsakanese began a comprehensive effort to become the galactic capital."
Dr. Milanda Vorgan[src]

The year 17,018 before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was a span of time that marked the onset of the First Alsakan Conflict and, as a result, the end of the Great Manifest Period. The Republic's boundaries had been expanding as Core-based and corporate interests pushed waves of expansion, settlement, and resource harvesting throughout the Slice. During this time, the planets of Alsakan and Coruscant had developed a heated rivalry, and Alsakan's desire for economic, political, and cultural superiority and independence had reached a breaking point. The conflict initially started as a blockade and armed colonial protection but quickly escalated to war. The conflict officially began with the First Battle of Virujansi, when the Republic seized control of the planet from Alsakani interests.

Proem[edit | edit source]

"The Republic's Great Manifest period (20,000–17,000 BBY) marked an increased movement into the Rimward territories of the Slice, which became known as the Expansion Region."
―From the text of The New Essential Chronology by Voren Na'al[src]

The Great Manifest Period of the Galactic Republic had been a time of expansion for the Galactic Republic. Lead by Alsakan, Corellia, and Coruscant, planetary governments and organizations began massive colonization and resource stockpiling efforts throughout the Slice.[8] In the northern portion of this region, especially near the Perlemian Trade Route, the planet of Alsakan had greatest socio-political control. It had settled colonies and staked claim to numerous resource-rich worlds. Coruscant competed for worlds in the central portion of the Slice, with its efforts being fronted by Republic-backed mega-corporations.[1] Hostilities brewed as the two planets fought for dominance not only economically, but also culturally.[8][9][1] The Republic's bureaucracy and politicking grew with fervor, fueling the rivalry as sectors of the galaxy had become so large that they were ungovernable. The growing governmental structure included the creation of the Bureau of Ships and Services more than one thousand years prior to the conclusion of the Great Manifest Period. This organization was created to help regulate interstellar trade as well as to maintain records of starship transactions and movements.[8] Such expanding government and loss of local control irked Alsakan and Corellia on philosophical and cultural levels. Alsakan began sending armed warships to protect its colonization interests, which caught the ire of the Coruscant-based corporate barons.[1]

The galaxy in 17,018 BBY[edit | edit source]

The Republic abruptly cascaded into open fighting with the sudden outbreak of the First Alsakan Conflict in 17,000 BBY. The intensifying strife between Alsakan and Coruscant had reached a boiling point with the use of Alsakani warships to advance colonization. The Grand Companies—the major trading companies along the Core stretch of the Corellian Run and Metellos Trade Route—objected to this move, and Duros freighters began clashing with Alsakani warships.[1] The Republic backed the Duros merchants, sparking a war between the two factions when they assaulted and captured Virujansi in 17,018 BBY. Six years later, Alsakan forces liberated the planet. Corellia remained neutral by protecting its interests in the southern portions of the galaxy in spite of its sympathies and philosophical alignments toward Alsakan.[1]

Impact[edit | edit source]

"While the fighting never expanded to a full-scale civil war in the Republic, the first of the Alsakan Conflicts ended the boom of the Great Manifest Period. However, it did not end Alsakan's ambitions, and the Alsakanese would continue to attempt to claim their "rightful" place as galactic capital for another 14,000 years."
Dr. Milanda Vorgan[src]

Inside the Republic, the conflict between Alsakan and Coruscant was the first of seventeen such skirmishes between the two planets. Battles took place for more than three hundred years, including the Battle of Kes in 16,921 BBY, the First Siege of Porus Vida in 16,820 BBY, and the Siege of Belasco, which began in 16,800 BBY. The First Alsakan Conflict was ultimately ended when the Bureau of Ships and Services in 16,700 BBY, which threatened to withhold access to the system of hyperspace beacons. The Senate also addressed issues regarding representation and bureaucratic control upon the conflict's conclusion. Tension remained high, however, and hostilities resumed 500 years later in 16,200 BBY.[1] The seventeen conflicts occurred in all, destroying historical landmarks such as Belgoth's Beacon and the Alsakan Mosaics while and laying waste to portions of the Expansion Region.[8] The new period of conflict marked the beginning of the Indecta Era.[8][1]

Notable events[edit | edit source]

  • The first Alsakan Conflict began after rising tensions[8] in Alsakan's aim to usurp cultural, economic, and political power from Coruscant resulted in fighting.[8][10][9][1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The year 17,018 BBY is first mentioned in the The Essential Guide to Warfare, with it marking the commencement of the First Alsakan Conflict.[1] The exact date of the conflicts had only been established prior as approximately 17,000 BBY in paper publications The New Essential Chronology and The Essential Atlas along with the StarWars.com Hyperspace feature The Written Word.[10][8][9]

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