"Captain, uh, my scopes just picked up a ghost image in our sensor wake."
"Probably another glitch like that false biosignature we saw in the cargo hold earlier."
―The co-pilot and captain of 1729 are duped by Jango Fett[1]

1729 was a supply craft for the Desolation Alley prison facility on the Oovo IV asteroid in 32 BBY. Bounty hunters Zam Wesell and Jango Fett both made use of the ship to infiltrate Desolation Alley. Wesell stowed away in 1729's cargo hold while Fett concealed his ship in the supply ship's sensor wake on approach to Oovo IV. 1729's sensors reported both events, but the crew of the ship dismissed both as sensor glitches, and the bounty hunters were able to infiltrate the prison facility.


A supply ship,[1] 1729 was larger than an AIAT/i gunship[2]—which had a wingspan of thirty-one meters[3]—and was crewed by at least two people. The hull was flat on the underside of the starship and painted a shade of yellow. The cockpit was located high on the bow of the ship and offset to the left to accommodate a sensor array to the right; the sensor array being augmented by a rectenna atop the vessel. 1729 was propelled by three thrusters on the aft of the ship; one larger located centrally, and a smaller thruster on either side. The supply ship was equipped with a hyperdrive, as well as a lifeform scanner in the cargo hold.[1]


Jaster's Legacy hides behind 1729.

1729 was used for delivering supplies to Desolation Alley, a Republic Correctional Authority prison on the large asteroid Oovo IV. On one particular supply run in 32 BBY, the supply craft's sensors reported a biosignature in the cargo hold. The crew dismissed the anomaly as a glitch, not knowing that it was caused by the Clawdite bounty hunter Zam Wesell, who had stowed aboard. The supply ship exited hyperspace at Oovo IV for a standard approach, the shields around the prison being lowered for 1729 to pass though. The co-pilot noticed a ghost image in their sensor wake, which, unbeknownst to the crew, was caused by Jango Fett, another bounty hunter.[1] Fett used tractor beams to keep his ship, Jaster's Legacy, directly behind 1729[4] so that he could infiltrate Desolation Alley. Assuming the ghost image to be related to the biosignature reported earlier, the captain told his co-pilot to check again. However, Fett had already split off from 1729's trajectory, and the anomaly was dismissed as another glitch, allowing Fett to land undetected. The supply ship landed at Desolation Alley's supply port and unloaded its cargo before taking off sometime later.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

At the helm of 1729 was the captain and his co-pilot, both male. On approach to Desolation Alley, the captain communicated with the prison landing controller while the co-pilot checked the ship's sensors.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

1729 first appeared in the 2002 video game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, during an in-game cutscene providing an introduction to the "Asteroid Prison" chapter of the game. Details about the ship were also given in Bounty Hunter's corresponding strategy guide by Prima Games.



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