1978 Topps Star Wars Series 5 was a trading card set released by Topps[1] in 1978.[2]

The set was based on Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, and featured stills from the film, promotional photos and behind the scenes photos, all within an orange border. Backs of the cards featured a "Movie Facts" theme or included a portion of a larger image that could be pieced together with other cards like a puzzle. A sub-set of sticker cards was included.[1]

Card numbering in the set continued from the previous series.[1]

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Card list[1][]

  1. Anxious moments for the Rebels
  2. Threepio and Leia monitor the battle
  3. No-nonsense privateer Han Solo!
  4. Ben prepares to turn off the tractor beam
  5. Droids on the run!
  6. Luke Skywalker: farmboy-turned-warrior!
  7. "Do you think they'll melt us down, Artoo?"
  8. Corridors of the Death Star
  9. "This is all your fault Artoo!"
  10. Droids trick the stormtroopers!
  11. Guarding the Millennium Falcon
  12. It's not wise to upset a Wookiee!
  13. Bizarre inhabitants of the cantina
  14. A narrow escape!
  15. Awaiting the Imperial attack
  16. "Remember Luke, the Force will be with you"
  17. A monstrous thirst!
  18. "Hurry up, Luke we're gonna have company!"
  19. The cantina musicians
  20. Distracted by Solo's assault
  21. Spiffed up for the Awards Ceremony
  22. Cantina denizens
  23. Han and Chewie ready for action!
  24. Blasting the enemy!
  25. The Rebel fighters take off!
  26. Chewie aims for danger!
  27. Lord Vader senses the Force
  28. The stormtroopers assemble
  29. A friendly chat among alien friends!
  30. Droids make their way to the Escape Pod
  31. Han and the Rebel Pilots
  32. Artoo-Detoo is abducted by Jawas!
  33. Inside the sandcrawler
  34. Chewie gets riled!
  35. Leia wishes Luke good luck!
  36. Luke, the Star Warrior!
  37. A crucial moment for Luke Skywalker
  38. Threepio and Artoo
  39. Various droids collected by the Jawas
  40. The Jawas ready their merchandise
  41. Director George Lucas and Greedo
  42. Technicians ready C-3P0 for the cameras
  43. A touch-Up for Chewbacca!
  44. Directing the Cantina creatures
  45. The birthday celebration for Sir Alec Guinness
  46. Filming the awards ceremony
  47. The model builders proudly display their work
  48. Using the "blue screen" process for X-Wings
  49. The birth of a droid
  50. Shooting in Tunisia
  51. Inside the Millennium Falcon
  52. Photographing the miniature explosions
  53. Filming explosions on the Death Star
  54. "Make-up" for the Bantha
  55. Dave Prowse and Alec Guinness rehearse
  56. Flight of the Falcon
  57. George Lucas directs his counterpart Luke
  58. Constructing the Star Destroyer
  59. Aboard the Millennium Falcon
  60. Chewie takes a breather between scenes
  61. The Princess gets the brush!
  62. Animating the "chessboard" creatures
  63. Filming the sandcrawler
  64. X-Wings positioned for the cameras
  65. Sir Alec Guinness and George Lucas
  66. Filming Luke and Threepio in Tunisia


  1. A crucial moment for Luke Skywalker
  2. Chewie gets riled!
  3. Threepio and Artoo
  4. Various droids collected by the Jawas
  5. Luke, Star Warrior!
  6. Director George Lucas and Greedo
  7. Technicians ready C-3P0 for the cameras
  8. The Jawas ready their new merchandise
  9. Directing the Cantina creatures
  10. Leia wishes Luke good luck
  11. A touch-up For Chewbacca!


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