1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 was a trading card set released by Topps in 1980.[1]

The set was based on Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, and featured stills from the film, promotional photos, and behind the scenes photos all within a yellow and green border. Most cards had "Star Quotes" on the back with dialogue from both films in the series. "Space Paintings" cards featured concept art by Ralph McQuarrie, and "Movie Facts" cards included production photos on the front and information on the back. A sub-set of sticker cards were included, the backs of which included a portion of a larger image that could be pieced together with other cards like a puzzle.[1]

Card numbering in the set continued from the previous series.[1]

Card list[1][]

  1. Title Card
  2. Han Solo
  3. Princess Leia
  4. Luke Skywalker
  5. C-3PO
  6. R2-D2
  7. Darth Vader
  8. Boba Fett
  9. Probot
  10. Dengar
  11. Bossk
  12. IG-88
  13. FX-7
  14. Chewbacca
  15. Lando Calrissian
  16. Stormtrooper
  17. Yoda
  18. Imperial Ships Approaching!
  19. The Courageous Trench Fighters!
  20. Too-Onebee
  21. Rebel Protocol Droids
  22. Within the Hidden Base
  23. Calrissian of Bespin
  24. Testing the Carbon-Freezing Process
  25. Flight of the X-Wing
  26. Dodging Deadly Laserblasts!
  27. The Lovers Part
  28. Canyons of Death!
  29. Magnificent Rebel Starship
  30. Old Friends...Or Foes?
  31. Power of the Empire
  32. Threepio In a Jam!
  33. Swamp Planet
  34. A Hasty Retreat!
  35. Hostile World of Hoth
  36. Descent Into Danger!
  37. Luke...Long Overdue!
  38. Toward the Unknown
  39. In Search of Han
  40. Luke's Desperate Decision
  41. Emerging from the Pit
  42. Busy as a Wookiee!
  43. Portrait of an Ugnaught
  44. The Wizard of Dagobah
  45. Emergency Repairs!
  46. Han on the Icy Wasteland
  47. The Walkers Close In!
  48. Toward Tomorrow...
  49. In the Path of Danger!
  50. The X-Wing Cockpit
  51. Hero of the Rebellion
  52. Vader's Private Chamber
  53. Aboard the Executor
  54. The Ominous One
  55. Lord Vader's Orders
  56. "He's Still Alive!"
  57. Lando's Warm Reception
  58. The Landing
  59. Their Last Kiss?
  60. Bounty Hunter IG-88
  61. The Icy Plains of Hoth
  62. Luke Astride His Tauntaun
  63. Rebel Snowspeeders Zero In!
  64. Champions of Freedom
  65. Inside the Falcon
  66. The Training of a Jedi
  67. Yoda's Instruction
  68. The Warrior and the Jedi Master
  69. Imperial Snow Walker Attack!
  70. The Asteroid Chase
  71. Approaching Planet Dagobah
  72. Power Generators
  73. Beauty of Bespin
  74. Dreamlike City
  75. Luke's Training
  76. Snow Walker Terror
  77. Tauntaun
  78. Cloud City Reactor Shaft
  79. Yoda's Home
  80. Escape from Bespin
  81. Deadly Stompers
  82. Snow Walker Model
  83. Of Helmets and Costumes
  84. Filming the Star Destroyer
  85. Millennium Falcon Miniature
  86. Launching an X-Wing
  87. Model Star Destroyer
  88. Checklist 265-352


  1. F O
  2. R I
  3. A E
  4. B X
  5. U I
  6. W U
  7. M N
  8. C D
  9. O U
  10. H E
  11. E O
  12. Y U
  13. A K
  14. A V
  15. E S
  16. Q L
  17. A I
  18. I O
  19. Z T
  20. G J
  21. E I
  22. A P


Card 286 shows C-3PO standing in front of a labeled door in Echo Base which was part of the film's deleted subplot showing wampas being held inside that room.[2]


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