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Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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1997 Topps Star Wars Trilogy: The Complete Story is a trading card set covering the events of the original trilogy. The set was released by The Topps Company, Inc. in 1997 to coincide with The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.

Card list[]

  1. In the Belly of the Beast
  2. Leia "feeds" R2-D2
  3. Demanding an Answer
  4. A Desolate Desert
  5. Loor Sir, Droids!
  6. A Plea for Help
  7. Alone in Thought
  8. Sand People Strike
  9. Kenobi Gets the Message
  10. Into Mos Eisley
  11. Greedo's Unlucky Day
  12. A Deal is Struck
  13. Moff Tarkin's Surprise
  14. Let the Wookie Win!
  15. Into the Enemy Lair
  16. \A Close - And Smelly - Call
  17. Fight to the End
  18. Han Hits His Mark
  19. Preparing for Action
  20. X-Wings Attack
  21. The Battle Unfolds
  22. Into the Trench
  23. The Dark Lord Attacks
  24. Hitting Their Target
  25. Imperial Snoop
  26. Abominable Wampa
  27. Rejuvenating Bacta Bath
  28. Vader's Meditation Ends
  29. Lumbering Metal Monsters
  30. Harpooning a Whale
  31. Fire and Ice
  32. Han Plays Chicken
  33. Down in Desolate Dagobah
  34. Luke Takes Aim
  35. Vader and His Master
  36. Shelter from a Storm
  37. Smoking them Out
  38. Size Matters Not
  39. Vader hires Boba Fett
  40. Chasing after Solo
  41. Luke's Balancing Act
  42. A Cloud City Welcome
  43. Friend or Foe?
  44. A Surprise Dinner Guest
  45. Loved Ones Part
  46. Lightsaber Duel
  47. A Terrible Blow
  48. A Life Suspended
  49. Under Construction
  50. Vader Motivates the Troops
  51. A Slimy Crime Kingpin
  52. Han Comes to Life
  53. A Jedi tries to Reason
  54. Sarlac Sightseeing Tour?
  55. Fighting Fett
  56. Luke and Leia Swing
  57. The Emperor Arrives
  58. Visit to and Old Friend
  59. Rebel Fleet at the Ready
  60. Into Enemy Territory
  61. Chase Through the Forest
  62. Threepio Tells Tales
  63. Vader Comes for Luke
  64. Leading the Attack
  65. Running for Cover
  66. Fully Operational!
  67. Crushing the Enemy
  68. A Turn to the Dark Side?
  69. The Emperor's Lightning
  70. The Emperor Goes Soaring
  71. One Last Look
  72. Together in the Force