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"The big targets are ours."
―Anonymous 2-M unit commander[src]

The 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank, or simply 2-M repulsor tank, was a ground-based fighter tank produced by Rothana Heavy Engineering and used by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War to combat Rebel armor and infantry.


Like the earlier TX-130S and TX-130T tank models, the 2-M tank was outfitted with deflector shields and a repulsorlift drive often augmented by the additional power boosters carried onboard as backup to the main repulsorlift battery. It was armed with a powerful rotating medium laser cannon, an anti-infantry cannon, and dual missile launchers.


Based on the design of the TX-130T fighter tank, itself an upgraded version of the TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank, the 2-M was designed to counteract Rebel deployment of the T2-B repulsor tank. Initial field tests proved the 2-M was superior to that earlier model.[1][2]

Despite the 2-M's tactical advantage over the Rebel T2-B, their expense and periods of long maintenance led to limited use of the 2-M tank during the Galactic Civil War.[1][2]

A scout variant of this vehicle, the SC2-M Repulsor Tank, was later created.[3]



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