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2013 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope is a trading card set released by Topps on November 6, 2013.[1] The 100-card set depicts scenes not seen in the movie, such as those heard in the original Star Wars radio drama.[2]

The card set has three base card parallels: Black parallels, Bronze parallels, and Gold parallels, which amount to 1:12 packs, 1:24 packs, and #/10. The Gold parallels are strictly for hobby usage only.[2] Besides the parallels, there are also several different sets within each pack, including:

  • One Year Earlier (1:2 Packs), detailing events that appeared a year prior to the events of A New Hope (1 BBY). Also included a 18-card checklist;[2]
  • Movie Poster Artist Reinterpretations (1:3), a set of nine cards each depicting an artist's interpretation of the A New Hope movie poster;[2]
  • Etched Foil Radio Drama Puzzle (1:8), six foil cards that recreate a scene from the radio drama;[2]
  • The Mission: Destroy the Death Star (1:12), a set of twelve cards, plus a checklist, detailing the specific steps to the Battle of Yavin. Also included a bonus Death Star card issued to any player who registers all twelve cards.[2] These cards also had codes on the back that could be redeemed online to listen to a clip from the radio drama that corresponded with that particular card. When collectors entered the twelve codes on "Topps Star Wars" Facebook page, they were rewarded with an exclusive card depicting an exploding Death Star.[1]

In addition, the main box also includes additional features, such as a panorama sketch card, 35mm film cells taken from a print of the original film, called "Film Cell Relics," printing plates for a base card, and autographed cards from various voice actors who contributed to the radio drama.[2]

Card list[]

  1. At the Vaporator
  2. Back at Tosche Station
  3. Threading the Stone Needle
  4. Dinner with the Lars Family
  5. Battle in Space
  6. A Grand Reunion
  7. "That's no Battle"
  8. Recounting Adventures
  9. Spotting the Sandpeople
  10. Biggs' Big Secret
  11. Leia Lands on Ralltiir
  12. Meeting with Lord Tion
  13. Firefight on the Space Range
  14. The Wounded Rebel
  15. Meeting on Ralltiir
  16. A Clever Ruse
  17. A Walk Through Alderaan
  18. The Death Star Revealed
  19. Dinner with Lord Tion
  20. Death of Lord Tion
  21. Forward to the Future
  22. The Secret Assignment
  23. Interception
  24. Escape
  25. Attack of the Devastator
  26. Boarding the Tantive IV
  27. Antilles' Blaster
  28. Captain Antilles Caught
  29. Recording the Message
  30. The Droids Escape
  31. Captured by the Empire
  32. Leia and Vader
  33. Droids on the Run
  34. Sandtrooper Search
  35. Threepio Taken by Jawas
  36. Sending up the Signal Flare
  37. Artoo's Clever Ruse
  38. Luke's Discovery
  39. Luke and the Larses
  40. Astromech Lost
  41. The Need for Stealth
  42. The Search for Artoo
  43. Attacked by Sand People
  44. Introducing Ben
  45. A Gift from your Father
  46. A Message from Princess Leia
  47. In the Speeder
  48. Luke's Return
  49. Stopped by Sandtroopers
  50. The Mos Eisley Cantina
  51. Finding the Perfect Pilot
  52. Kenobi Keeps the Peace
  53. Posing in the Droid Lot
  54. Introducing Han
  55. Greedo
  56. Selling the Landspeeder
  57. Solo and Squeak
  58. Han, Heater and the Falcon
  59. Skywalker Technical Maintenance Service
  60. Docking Bay 94
  61. Escape from the Empire
  62. Approaching the Death Star
  63. Imperial Conference
  64. Leia's Interrogation
  65. Motti and Tarkin Conspire
  66. The Destruction of Alderaan
  67. Aboard the Falcon
  68. Luke's Training Begins
  69. Feeling the Force
  70. The Force of Alderaan
  71. The Tractor Beam
  72. Beneath the Deck Plates
  73. A Familiar Presence
  74. Surprising the Scanning Crew
  75. Suiting up as Stormtroopers
  76. The Princess Is Here
  77. Hold that Car!
  78. Freeing the Princess
  79. In the Garbage Compactor
  80. Kenobi Is Here!
  81. Shootout in the Death Star
  82. A Kiss for Luck
  83. Vader Confronts Kenobi
  84. Fall of Kenobi
  85. Defending the Escape
  86. Yavin Arrival/Money
  87. Meeting with Willard
  88. Washing up for Battle
  89. Reporting for Flight Testing
  90. Acing the Simulation
  91. Rebel Briefing
  92. Tarkin's Growing Plan
  93. Luke, Biggs and Leia
  94. In the War Room
  95. Luke's First Run
  96. Gold Run
  97. Falcon to the Rescue
  98. Death Star Blows
  99. Return to Rebel Base
  100. Yavin Ceremony

One Year Earlier[]

OY-1. Luke Skywalker
OY-2. Princess Leia Organa
OY-3. Han Solo
OY-4. Chewbacca
OY-5. Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
OY-6. R2-D2 and C-3PO
OY-7. Wedge Antilles
OY-8. Biggs Darklighter
OY-9. Jek Porkins
OY-10. Darth Vader
OY-11. Grand Moff Tarkin
OY-12. Admiral Motti
OY-13. Boba Fett
OY-14. Greedo
OY-15. Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan
OY-16. Momaw Nadon
OY-17. BoShek
OY-18. Owen and Beru Lars

Movie Poster Artist Reinterpretations[]

MP-1. Jerry Vanderstelt
MP-2. Doug Cowan
MP-3. Shelli Paroline
MP-4. Mark McHaley
MP-5. Katie Cook
MP-6. Brian Rood
MP-7. Paul Shipper
MP-8. Jeff Miracola
MP-9. Zack Giallongo

The Mission: Destroy the Death Star[]

MD-1. Luke Skywalker
MD-2. Princess Leia Organa
MD-3. R2-D2
MD-4. Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
MD-5. Chewbacca
MD-6. Jabba the Hutt
MD-7. Jawas
MD-8. Han Solo
MD-9. Darth Vader
MD-10. Biggs Darklighter
MD-11. Grand Moff Tarkin
MD-12. Imperial Officer

HighBridge Exclusives[]

HB-1. Heroes of the Rebellion
HB-2. Villains of the Empire

Behind the scenes[]

To coincide with the release of this set, HighBridge Audio re-released the original Star Wars radio drama in two limited-edition CDs: Star Wars: A New Hope – The Original Radio Drama, "Light Side" and "Dark Side." Each volume comes with an exclusive Topps card drawn either by Matt Busch ("Light Side" edition), or Randy Martinez ("Dark Side" edition).[3]

Two sets of two exclusive promo cards were also offered with Star Wars Insider 145. These cards are "Searching Mos Eisley," "The Rebellion's Imminent Victory," "Creating the Radio Play," and "The Cast in Action."


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