The 2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens were published by Topps and released on September 4, 2015 as part of Lucasfilm's Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens publishing program in advance of the theatrical release of the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Card list[]

Base Cards

1. Negotiations gone wrong
2. Power of the Podrace
3. A sorrowful good-bye
4. No confidence in Valorum
5. The Sith return
6. Assassination: Failed
7. The Mystery on Kamino
8. Supreme powers
9. The Battle of Geonosis
10. The Clone Wars begin
11. Battle over Coruscant
12. Rematch with Dooku
13. A wonderful secret
14. Stopping Grievous
15. Arrest gone bad
16. Order 66
17. Jedi vs. Jedi
18. Duel in the senate
19. Rise of Darth Vader
20. Looking to the future
21. The dreaded Darth Vader
22. The princess and the plans
23. Droids on the run
24. Jumped by Jawas
25. A fateful decision
26. Old Ben's revelation
27. Creature cantina
28. Han Solo
29. Luke's first lesson
30. The end of Alderaan
31. A great disturbance
32. A rescue begins!
33. Prisoner transfer?
34. The garbage compactor
35. Across the chasm
36. Master vs. Master
37. The Rebel base
38. Assault on the Death Star
39. The Rebellion's last hope
40. A time for celebration
41. Luke's frozen expedition
42. Han says good-bye
43. The Wampa dines
44. Luke's recovery
45. The Rebels are found!
46. Imperial AT-AT
47. Snow battle
48. Into the asteroid field
49. Luke's new friend
50. Message from the Emperor
51. A Jedi to be
52. Lessons through failure
53. Bounty hunters
54. Yoda's great power
55. Bespin and betrayal
56. The freezing process
57. Cloud City showdown
58. A terrible secret
59. Luke awaiting rescue
60. Forward to the future
61. Vader's inspection
62. Back on Tatooine
63. The mighty Jabba
64. Jedi unveiled
65. Han Solo's return
66. The Rancor feasts
67. Skirmish at the Sarlacc
68. Yoda's farewell
69. The Emperor's arrival
70. Lessons from Ben
71. Planning the attack
72. Speeder Bike dash
73. The Skywalker twins
74. Luke Skywalker's temptation
75. Battle in the forest
76. The final duel
77. Assault on the second Death Star
78. Anakin revealed
79. Victory at Endor
80. Spirits of the past
81. Finn on the run
82. BB-8 rolls into action
83. Stormtroopers en route
84. Rey pilots her speeder
85. Rey takes off
86. X-wings in flight
87. Kylo Ren, dark warrior
88. The Millennium Falcon Attacked
89. Star Destroyer fallen
90. Poe pilots the X-wing
91. A mysterious figure
92. A Lightsaber from the past
93. Resistance forces in flight
94. Poe Dameron's excitement
95. Escaping on foot
96. Master of evil
97. The First Order
98. Resilient survivor
99. TIE fighters attack
100. A mysterious attack
101. Finn's dilemma
102. The Star Destroyer
103. Captain Phasma
104. BB-8 peeks out
105. Rey, Desert Scavenger
106. A helping hand
107. A wild chase
108. The pursuit gets dangerous
109. "Chewie, we're home"
110. Star Wars: The Force Awakens™

Character Stickers

S-1 Luke Skywalker
S-2 Han Solo
S-3 Princess Leia
S-4 Rey
S-5 Finn
S-6 Poe Dameron
S-7 Chewbacca
S-8 Stormtrooper
S-9 BB-8
S-10 Captain Phasma
S-11 Kylo Ren
S-12 R2-D2
S-13 Snowtrooper
S-14 Darth Vader
S-15 Boba Fett
S-16 Stormtrooper
S-17 Kylo Ren
S-18 Yoda

Concept Art

CA-1 A quite familiar X-wing
CA-2 Design of the X-wing
CA-3 The Imperial AT-AT
CA-4 Bring Forth Boba Fett
CA-5 Luke Skywalker's Recovery
CA-6 Throne Room Duel
CA-7 Explosive Podrace
CA-8 Danger of the Sith
CA-9 Rise of Darth Vader

Behind the scenes

BTS-1 Creature Collection
BTS-2 The Master at Work
BTS-3 Model Mayhem
BTS-4 Anthony's Golden Counterpart
BTS-5 Talking up The Empire Strikes Back
BTS-6 Nien springs to life
BTS-7 The Birth of 2-1B
BTS-8 Lorne and the Sandcrawler
BTS-9 The Score of John Williams

Cloth Stickers

CS-1 Droids
CS-2 Rey
CS-3 Poe Dameron
CS-4 Chewbacca
CS-5 Finn
CS-6 Kylo Ren
CS-7 Stormtroopers
CS-8 Captain Phasma
CS-9 Kylo Ren w/ TIEs

Silhouette Foil Cards

1. Rey
2. Poe Dameron
3. Chewbacca
4. Finn
5. Kylo Ren
6. Stormtrooper
7. Captain Phasma
8. Flametrooper

Family Legacy

FL-1 Boba Fett & Jango Fett
FL-2 Anakin Skywalker & Luke Skywalker
FL-3 Padmé Amidala & Princess Leia Organa
FL-4 Owen and Beru Lars & Luke Skywalker
FL-5 Bail Organa & Princess Leia Organa
FL-6 Cliegg Lars & Owen Lars
FL-7 Darth Maul & Savage Opress
FL-8 Satine Kryze & Bo-Katan Kryze
FL-9 Jabba the Hutt & Rotta the Hutt

Classic Captions

CC-1 The Millennium Falcon
CC-2 Princess Leia Organa
CC-3 The Young Star Warrior
CC-4 Sighting the Death Star
CC-5 The Dark Lord of the Sith
CC-6 Stormtroopers attack!
CC-7 The Lightsaber
CC-8 May The Force Be With You

Heroes of the Resistance

R-1 Rey
R-2 Finn
R-3 Poe Dameron
R-4 BB-8
R-5 Chewbacca
R-6 C-3PO
R-7 R2-D2
R-8 The Millennium Falcon
R-9 The Resistance

Power of the First Order

FO-1 Kylo Ren
FO-2 Captain Phasma
FO-3 Stormtrooper
FO-4 Snowtrooper
FO-5 Flametrooper
FO-6 Kylo Ren's Shuttle
FO-7 TIE Fighter
FO-8 The First Order

Choose Your Destiny

CD-1 Han Solo
CD-2 Luke Skywalker
CD-3 Princess Leia
CD-4 Darth Vader
CD-5 Lando Calrissian
CD-6 Boba Fett
CD-7 R2-D2
CD-8 Chewbacca
CD-9 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi

Weapons/Tech Blueprints

BP-1 BB-8
BP-2 Rey's Speeder
BP-3 Millennium Falcon
BP-4 X-Wing Fighter
BP-5 TIE Fighter (Black Squadron)
BP-6 TIE Fighter (Special Forces)
BP-7 Star Destroyer Finalizer
BP-8 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

Patch Cards

P-1 First Order: Kylo Ren
P-2 First Order: Stormtrooper
P-3 First Order: Captain Phasma
P-4 Join The Resistance: C-3PO
P-5 Millennium Falcon: Chewbacca
P-6 Millennium Falcon: Rey
P-7 X-Wing Fighter: Poe Dameron
P-8 X-Wing Fighter: R2-D2
P-9 X-Wing Fighter: BB-8
P-10 TIE Fighter: TIE Fighter Pilot
P-11 TIE Fighter: Kylo Ren
P-12 TIE Fighter: TIE Fighter
P-13 Chewie: Chewbacca 1
P-14 Chewie: Chewbacca 2
P-15 Rey Speeder: Rey 1
P-16 Rey Speeder: Rey 2
P-17 Rey Speeder: Rey 3
P-18 BB-8: BB-8
P-19 Join The Resistance: Poe Dameron
P-20 Join The Resistance: R2-D2

Autograph Cards

Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher
David Prowse
Ian McDiarmid
Ray Park
Peter Mayhew
Anthony Daniels
Kenny Baker
Billy Dee Williams
Jeremy Bulloch
Caroline Blakiston
Femi Taylor
Alan Harris
John Morton
Kenneth Colley
Julian Glover
John Ratzenberger
Pam Rose
Bonnie Piesse
Dickey Beer
Angus MacInnes
Michonne Bourriague
Bruce Spence
Jerome Blake
Orli Shoshan
Nina Fallon
Kenji Oates
Bai Ling
Silas Carson
Hassani Shapi
Nalini Krishan
Jesse Jensen
Wayne Pygram
Ashley Eckstein
Amy Allen
Taylor Gray
Vanessa Marshall
Tiya Sircar
Steven Blum
Nika Futterman
Mike Quinn
Zach Jensen
Rohan Nichol
Olivia d'Abo

Dual Autograph Cards

Mark Hamill & Kenny Baker
Ian McDiarmid & Wayne Pygram
Peter Mayhew & Anthony Daniels
Mark Hamill & David Prowse

Triple Autograph Cards

Ian McDiarmid, Ray Park & Wayne Pygram
David Prowse, Ray Park & Wayne Pygram


The official Topps.com product page for the 2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens trading card series lists two insert sub-sets that were never produced: "Evolution of the Lightsaber" and "Movie Poster Variations." Additionally, the product page omits several sub-series that were produced, such as "Family Legacy" and "Weapons/Tech Blueprints." Topps released the series' final, accurate checklist on Facebook.


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