2015 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back is a Topps card set that illustrates the original 1983 radio adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back. The set was released on April 29, 2015 as the follow up to 2013 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope.

2015 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back comprises 100 base cards and three insert subsets: One Year Earlier, Movie Poster Reinterpretations, and The Mission: Capture Skywalker. The 100 base cards also come in purple, bronze, or gold parallels. Additional hits include The Empire Strikes Back Film Cel Relics, Sketch Cards, Panorama Sketch Cards, Artist Autographs, Sketchagraphs, and Printing Plates.

Artists Matt Busch and Randy Martinez illustrated the base set, Grant Gould illustrated the One Year Earlier subset, while Jerry Vanderstelt, Tony Harris, Mike Mayhew, Chad McGowan, Mike Allred, Tom Hodges, Jason Crosby, Chris Trevas, Doug Cowan, and Kevin Graham contributed the Movie Poster Reinterpretations.

Product summary[]

See 'The Empire Strikes Back' drama like never before with Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back. Each base card uses brand new artwork to re-tells the radio drama from unique and interesting vantage point. This set adds new background and expands on key scenes from the film. Insert cards include One Year Earlier, Movie Poster Reinterpretations, and The Mission: Capture Skywalker.[2]


Topps previewed the 2015 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back card set at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim from April 1619, 2015. Fans attending the four-day convention were given the opportunity to purchase a Celebration-exclusive 2015 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back ten-card mini-set as well as collect autographs from the set's contributing artists on show-exclusive cards.[3][4][5]

The full factory set went on sale beginning April 29, 2015.[1] The 2015 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back official checklist on the Topps website includes noticeable numerical gaps in listing the set's Film Cel Relics cards. However, rather than an incomplete checklist, these gaps represent cards that were not produced, whereas other cards could not have their numbering changed.[6]


2015 Topps Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back is released under the non-canon Star Wars Legends brand.

Card list[]

Card No. 95, "Vader's Dark Truth"

Base Cards

1. Renegade Flight
2. Attacking the Convoy
3. Reporting to Needa
4. Status Update
5. Luke and Leia Confer
6. Presenting Commander Skywalker
7. Echo 3 to Echo 7
8. Luke Attacked!
9. Droids Identify
10. The Wampa Cave
11. Luke Fights the Wampa
12. Solo Returns
13. Working on the Falcon
14. Ben's Guidance
15. Breaking the News
16. A Tender-ish Moment
17. Stuck in the Snow
18. Shutting the Professor Up
19. Han Rides Out
20. Discovering Luke
21. Keeping Warm
22. Inside the Shelter
23. Closing the Shield Doors
24. The Search Begins
25. Rescue on Hoth
26. Luke's Visitors
27. Zone 12 Moving East
28. Destroying the Probe
29. Ordering the Evacuation
30. Ozzel's Bad News
31. Captain Piett's Plan
32. Ozzel's Final Punishment
33. Luke and Leia's Farewell
34. Walkers on the North Ridge
35. Rogue Flight's Attack
36. Rogue Leader
37. The Great Harpoon Plan
38. Walker Down!
39. Rogue Leader Down!
40. Man vs. Walker
41. Echo Base Invasion
42. Snowtrooper Invasion
43. The Millennium Falcon Departs
44. Rogue Flight Reunion
45. Against the Empire
46. Set Course for Dagobah
47. Entering the Asteroid Field
48. Darth Vader's Interruption
49. The Kiss
50. Mynocks in the Cave
51. Out in the Cave
52. Monster in Space
53. Contacting the Emperor
54. Crash Landing
55. Meeting Yoda
56. Little Green Nuisance
57. Dinner at the Hut
58. Yoda's Warning
59. Jedi Training Begins
60. Harsh Lessons
61. Spirits in the Cave
62. Bounty Hunters Assembled
63. Boba Fett on the Spot
64. The Falcon's Escape
65. Balancing Stones
66. Size Defeats Luke
67. Master Yoda's Great Power
68. With the Garbage
69. Luke's Vision
70. Bespin Arrival
71. Introducing Lando
72. Threepio's Intrusion
73. Ignoring the Master's Advice
74. Bringing Back Threepio
75. Vader's Surprise
76. Standing Idly By
77. Han's Torture
78. Han's Cell
79. Chewbacca's Rage
80. "I Know"
81. The Freezing of Han Solo
82. He's Alive!
83. In Pursuit of Fett
84. Leia's Frantic Warning
85. Meeting Vader
86. The Duel Begins
87. A Quick Defeat?
88. Lando Tricks Back
89. The East Platform
90. To the Falcon
91. The Millennium Falcon Departs
92. Luke Overpowered
93. The Duel Continues
94. Luke's Bitter Defeat
95. Vader's Dark Truth
96. Through the Force
97. Escape from Bespin
98. Watching the Escape
99. Hyperdrive: Operational
100. New Hand, New Mission

One Year Earlier

OY-1 Luke Skywalker (South Ridge, Hoth)
OY-2 Princess Leia Organa (Shard Memorial, Unknown World)
OY-3 Han Solo (Docking Bay 138, Ord Mantell)
OY-4 Chewbacca (Docking Bay 138, Ord Mantell)
OY-5 Yoda (Swamps of Dagobah)
OY-6 R2-D2 and C-3PO (Interim Rebel Base)
OY-7 Wedge Antilles (Somewhere on the Outer Rim)
OY-8 Lando Calrissian (Cloud City)
OY-9 Captain Piett (Forests of Dathomir)
OY-10 Darth Vader (Corellia)
OY-11 General Veers (Raithal Academy)
OY-12 The Wampa (The Frozen Wastes of Hoth)
OY-13 Boba Fett (Outer Rim Territories)
OY-14 Bossk (Bespin, Nearing Cloud City)
OY-15 4-LOM (The Bakura System)
OY-16 Dengar (Nal Hutta)
OY-17 IG-88 (Industrial Slums of Coruscant)
OY-18 Zuckuss (The Bakura System)

Movie Poster Reinterpretations

MP-1 Jerry Vanderstelt
MP-2 Tony Harris
MP-3 Mike Mayhew
MP-4 Chad McGowan
MP-5 Mike Allred
MP-6 Tom Hodges
MP-7 Jason Crosby
MP-8 Chris Trevas
MP-9 Doug Cowan
MP-10 Kevin Graham

The Mission: Capture Skywalker

1. Darth Vader
2. Luke Skywalker
3. Han Solo
4. Princess Leia
5. Lando Calrissian
6. Captain Piett
7. General Veers
8. Probe Droid
9. Boba Fett
10. Yoda

Film Cel Relics

FR-1 On the Frozen Wastelands
FR-2 Back at Echo Base
FR-3 Monster in the Snow
FR-4 Recovery and Preparation
FR-5 The Imperial Fleet
FR-6 The Imperial Walkers
FR-7 Luke vs. the AT-AT
FR-8 Imperial Pursuit
FR-9 Asteroid Field
FR-10 Dagobah Landing
FR-11 Han and the Princess
FR-12 Yoda's Hut
FR-13 Message from the Emperor
FR-15 Bounty Hunters Assemble
FR-16 Failure at the Cave
FR-17 Trial by X-wing
FR-20 A Most Gracious Host
FR-21 Torturing Han
FR-23 Han in Carbonite
FR-25 You Are Not a Jedi Yet
FR-26 Lando's Redemption
FR-27 Battle in the Gantry
FR-28 The Truth Revealed
FR-29 Rescuing Luke
FR-30 Saying Farewell

Cover gallery[]

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Notes and references[]

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