"The Empire forced the villagers from their homes. Frightened refugees, shipped off to work camps, or worse…"
―Cal Kestis, to BD-1[src]

The 201st Squadron was an Imperial Army infantry squadron of the Galactic Empire that was active during or prior to 14 BBY and led by General Markon. During that time, the 201st and Markon were dispatched to Zeffo, where they evicted the civilians from a village using Imperial Code 94364.

Description[edit | edit source]

"The villager was wounded. But he took out a Trooper."
―Cal Kestis, to BD-1[src]

The 201st Squadron was an infantry squadron within the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire that was led by General Markon and consisted of stormtroopers.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Evictions and occupation[edit | edit source]

"Where are you taking us?"
―Ostar, to members of the squadron[src]

One of the eviction notices the 201st Squadron posted on the Abandoned Village on Zeffo.

After the Galactic Empire was established following the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine sought to locate artifacts of the Force. As part of this directive, Project Auger was established on the planet Zeffo in order to investigate the ancient Zeffo Sages and their civilization. In order to conduct the project, the Galactic Empire dispatched the 201st Squadron under General Markon to Zeffo prior[1] to 14 BBY[2]and remove civilians from the area. To achieve this, General Markon utilized Imperial Code 94364 which gave Markon and the 201st the authority to evict the civilians from a village and take ownership of their property and valuables.[1]

Trackdown[edit | edit source]

"It's all lies. The Empire just wanted this land."
―Cal Kestis, to BD-1[src]

Once the code was enacted, personnel from the squadron forcibly removed the civilians from the village with the intention of placing them in labor camps, including Ostar and his family, Mirienna and Sienna. During the eviction, the civilians of the village were not able to fight back against the Empire. Ostar, however, caused a distraction and led personnel from the 201st away from his family, allowing them to escape and a bag being dropped by the family. Hiding in a tunnel, Mirienna used a fabric to cover Sienna while they were fugitives from the 201st.[1]

After some time, Ostar managed to gain distance away from the village, but became involved in a struggle with a stormtrooper of the unit. During the encounter, Ostar managed to kill the stormtrooper but became critically wounded. Eventually, Ostar reunited with Mirienna and Sienna in a cave, but succumbed to his wounds.[1]

Aftermath of the evictions[edit | edit source]

"Things are even worse here than on Zeffo."
"Did you say Zeffo?"
"I used to live there before the Empire came. Do you know it?"
"Yeah, I've been. It's horrible what happened."
" We weren't able to fight but here, with the Wookiees, we have a chance. Thank you for standing with us."
―Mirienne, and Cal Kestis on Kashyyyk[src]

After some time[1] in 14 BBY,[2] the Jedi Cal Kestis, his companion droid BD-1, and the rest of the Mantis crew travelled to Zeffo as part of a secret mission to rebuild the Jedi Order. Kestis and BD-1 arrived at the now Abandoned Village and encountered an Imperial Military presence in the area. While exploring the village and the surrounding area, Kestis came upon several artifacts that called to him through the Force, including the bag that was dropped by Oster and his family, the piece of fabric used to cover Sienna while in hiding, a helmet from the killed stormtrooper of the 201st, and Oster's skeleton. Using the Force power of psychometry, Cal Kestis was able to hear and feel the events concerning the 201st Squadron's actions on Zeffo with Oster and his family, and passed what he learned to BD-1.[1]

Following the mission to Zeffo, Cal Kestis and his companions took part in a mission to Kashyyyk during the Galactic Empire's occupation. There, Kestis and his crew allied themselves with the Partisans led by Saw Gerrera, and encountered Mirienna, who became a member of the resistance group after her experience with the 201st Squadron on Zeffo. There, Kestis overheard Mirienne speaking about how the situation in Kashyyyk was worse than on Zeffo. When Kestis questioned further, Mirienne elaborated that she used to live on Zeffo before the Empire arrived and they weren't able to fight back, but that on Kashyyyk there was a chance now that they had Wookiees with them.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The 201st Squadron was first mentioned in the 2019 video game by Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as the second of ten items in the Zeffo databank.[1]

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