"You had an infiltrator?"
"The 203rd did."
―Commanders Appo and Vill of the 501st Legion[src]

The 203rd Division was a clone stormtrooper division that was dispatched to New Plympto and served the Galactic Empire. They were headquartered in a spaceport, for which they provided security, on the surface near the local 501st Legion headquarters, of which a brigade had been tasked with eliminating the local resistance. Resistance fighter and fugitive Jedi Dass Jennir managed to impersonate a lieutenant of the 501st and steal an Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter which was being serviced by a member of the 203rd.[2]

The trooper of the 203rd was refueling the craft when Jennir kicked him down and stole the fighter. As he left, other clones of the division went on alert. Jennir soon launched a faux attack on civilian ships in the spaceport in a ruse to have them all take off and leave New Plympto, all while allowing his crew to escape as well. An officer of the 203rd ordered clone pilots to stop the evacuating ships and to get airborne, but they were unsuccessful.[2] The incident was later recounted by 501st Legion Commanders CC-1119 "Appo" and "Vill."[3]

The 203rd Division sported Phase II clone trooper armor that sported a yellow have circle on the right side of the helmet and a yellow utility belt. Along with the officer, a sergeant also served in the unit.[2]

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