The 221st Mechanized Assault Group was an Imperial Remnant battle group. This unit fielded light blue century tanks with augmented defenses and blaster modifications during the Imperial Civil War,[1] which took place after the Galactic Empire dissolved in 4 ABY.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

A 221st Mechanized century tank miniature labeled as a "TIE Crawler"—another name for the compact assault vehicle—was featured in the Ground Assault expansion of the Star Wars PocketModel TCG, released November 14, 2007.[1] The miniature's base stand was printed with an an attack value of zero, representing that it had nothing to increase its chance to hit a target. Its defensive values, however, were higher than those printed on most other units of its kind,[3] and it also featured a blaster icon, representing the blaster equipment upgrade.[1]

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