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―224 protests as Yoda infiltrates his AAT and destroys him[src]

224 was an OOM command battle droid who served in the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. Shortly after being promoted, he was deployed to the moon Rugosa under the command of Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress where he led Separatist forces in an attempt to stop Jedi Grand Master Yoda from meeting with King Katuunko of the Toydarian species. After numerous attempts to kill Yoda failed, the Jedi eventually came out of hiding and sat calmly in front of 224's Armored Assault Tank. The droids were unsuccessful in anticipating the Jedi's ruse however, and after Ventress ordered 224 to open fire, he was quickly destroyed by Yoda.


"Supreme leader, we've found the Jedi."
"Excellent. Where is he?"
"He's just sitting here, in front of our tanks."
"Shoot him! Shoot him now!"
―224 reports finding Yoda to Asajj Ventress[src]

The battle droid designated 224 was an OOM command battle droid manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and Baktoid Armor Workshop to serve in the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic. During the war, the droid was promoted to a position of leadership and shortly afterwards was deployed amongst a battalion of other battle droids to the moon Rugosa, under the command of the Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress. The Separatists had learned that King Katuunko of the planet Toydaria and Jedi Grand Master Yoda were meeting in secret on the moon in order to discuss a Republic supply post being created on Toydaria in exchange for protection of the Toydarian people. Ventress had managed to reach Katuunko first, and offered Separatist protection instead, but after she and the king learned that Yoda had successfully landed on the planet, an agreement was made. If Yoda could defeat her droid forces and reach Katuunko, he would have the allegiance of the Toydarians but if he failed they would side with the Separatists instead.[1]


224 leads Separatist forces on Rugosa.

After arriving on the moon in a C-9979 landing craft, 224 led a section of the droid forces to find and defeat Yoda, including three Armored Assault Tanks, one of which he rode in. Entering the coral forests of Rugosa, he soon sighted the Jedi Grand Master, who was accompanied by three clone troopers, and ordered his troops to open fire. The Separatist forces were out of range however, and 224 soon had to give the order to stop as the AATs could not fit through the surrounding foliage. One AAT driver ignored the commander's order in the belief that the tanks could fit, but crashed and was thrown from his vehicle. As the vehicles could not continue, 224 remained behind while sending out ground troops to find the Republic forces. Yoda and his companions destroyed two patrols of B1 battle droids and a group of B2 super battle droids, but were eventually driven back by droidekas.[1]

As Yoda and his men retreated, 224 and his tanks were able to slowly advance through the coral and eventually entered a coral-free valley area in which the Republic forces had hidden. Alone, Yoda revealed himself to the droids and sat before them, meditating. 224 contacted Ventress via hologram, informing her of the development, and was ordered to attack the Jedi immediately. The Separatist forces opened fire but were too slow, as the Grand Master sprung forward and destroyed several of them before reaching 224's tank and cutting an entry hole in the bottom with his lightsaber. The tank's crew attempted to flee but were destroyed when Yoda pulled them back into the vehicle using the Force. 224 was then also pulled down from the command hatch and cut apart by Yoda's lightsaber. After Katuunko noticed the smoke rising from the skirmish, Ventress attempted to contact 224 for a report but was informed by another droid of his demise. Yoda was ultimately successful in defeating the remaining droid forces and reaching the rendezvous point, earning the allegiance of the Toydarians.[1]


"Erh… hold it. Hold it. I said hold it!"
―224 tries to order his troops to stop[src]

224 was newly promoted during his deployment on Rugosa, and had trouble getting his troops to follow orders, having to issue orders several times before they were obeyed. One droid directly ignored 224's orders, leading to it crashing a tank, much to the command droid's annoyance. As Yoda dragged 224 down to his fate, the droid complained at the fact it was being destroyed so soon after its promotion.[1]

Like all OOM command battle droids within the droid army, 224 stood at 1.93 meters tall[4] and had masculine programming. Created for the purpose of both combat and command, 224 sported tan-colored plating with yellow markings indicating his rank as a commander.[1]

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224's first and only appearance was in the first episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' first season, Ambush, that aired in 2008. Like all battle droids in the series, he was voiced by Matthew Wood.


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