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The following events took place in 22 ABY.







Notes and references[]

  1. The New Essential Chronology establishes the start of this era as 4 ABY.
  2. SWTOR mini.png Galactic History on The Old Republic's official website (article) (backup link) dates the Tho Yor Arrival, as described in Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi 0, to the year BTC 32,800 of the calendar based on the date of the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. Since the difference between that calendar and the Galactic Standard Calendar—based on the date of the Battle of Yavin—was 3,653 years per the reasoning here, the Tho Yor Arrival must have taken place in the year 36,453 BBY of the latter dating system. Therefore, the difference between the Galactic Standard Calendar and the dating system based on the Tho Yor Arrival that is featured in Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void must be 36,453 years.
  3. Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia places the Treaty of Coruscant, which served as the zero point of a calendar adopted by the Galactic Senate following the conclusion of the Great Galactic War per SWTOR mini.png Galactic History on The Old Republic's official website (article) (backup link), in the year 3653 BBY of the Galactic Standard Calendar, which was based around the date of the Battle of Yavin. Thus, the difference between the two dating systems is 3,653 years.
  4. The New Essential Chronology establishes that the zero point of the calendar introduced by Tarsus Valorum was the Ruusan Reformation. The book places that event in the year of 1000 BBY of the Galactic Standard Calendar—which was based around the date of the Battle of Yavin—therefore establishing a difference of one thousand years between the two dating systems.
  5. The Essential Atlas places the Battle of Yavin, the zero point in the Galactic Standard Calendar per The New Essential Chronology, in 35:3 under the Great ReSynchronization dating system. The Essential Atlas also places the Battle of Selaggis on 43:2:28 and the Battle of Dathomir on 43:3:21. The Essential Guide to Warfare and The Essential Atlas both place the Battle of Dathomir in the year 8 ABY of the Galactic Standard Calendar. The Essential Guide to Warfare also places the Battle of Selaggis in 7 ABY, confirming the placement of the division between each Galactic Standard Calendar year as the third month in the Great ReSynchronization year. Thus, there is a two-month gap between the two dating systems, with the first two months of a GrS year being the last two of the preceding Galactic Standard Calendar year, and there is a total difference of 35 years and 2 months between the two systems.
  6. According to The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime, Danni Quee joined the Extragalactic Society three years earlier. Since that book is set in 25 ABY per The Essential Reader's Companion, Quee joined the ExGal Soeciety in 22 ABY.
  7. According to Jacen Solo's entry on the StarWars.com Databank, Jaina Solo and her twin brother Jacen were in their early teens when they first joined the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Since they were already students by Junior Jedi Knights: The Golden Globe, when they were thirteen years old, the Solos first started training to be a Jedi at age thirteen. The twins were born in 9 ABY according to The Essential Reader's Companion, meaning they turned thirteen in 22 ABY. Since The Essential Reader's Companion also dates The Golden Globe to 22 ABY, Jaina and Jacen Solo first came to the Jedi Academy the same year.
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