"You have a better option?"
"Jump into the pit and get it over with?
―Kanan Jarrus and Garazeb Orrelios discuss the dangers of a 22 pickup[src]

22 pickup was a term used to describe a maneuver in which a individual would hide within a cargo container, which would then be magnetically picked up by a starship. The crew of the Ghost ran a 22 pickup during their mission to rescue Wookiee prisoners in the Spice Mines of Kessel. While Kanan Jarrus held off Imperial troops with a lightsaber, Garazeb Orrelios and Sabine Wren led the Wookiee prisoners into a cargo container. That container was then picked up by the Ghost, piloted by Hera Syndulla, on which the crew and the prisoners successfully escaped Kessel.[1]


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