244 Core was an arid, corporate-controlled planet in the Unknown Regions.


Known as Sraato when the Systino crime syndicate controlled the planet fifty years before the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War, its abundance of riches, raw minerals and precious metals had gained the world a legendary status within its sector in the Unknown Regions.

The Systino crime syndicate went on to ship hundreds of slaves to the planet to open mines on the southern continent, where a large deposit of precious metals, crystals and gems was located. This put Systino in a position to expand its reach and purchase better ships and weaponry, making them a bigger force to deal with in the Unknown Regions. Systino was forced to abandon the planet two hundred years later when a meteor storm pulvarized much of the planet's southern hemisphere. The environmental chaos caused lasted for the next 500 years.

In 200 BBY the world was rediscovered by competing scouts, dispatched by rival mining and manufacturing companies. Both Tor-Ro-Bo Industries and Eeook Mining and Reclamation claimed the planet as their own, quickly establishing settlements and mining operations to back up their assertions. Undermining each others operations and struggling to grasp for ultimate control over the planet, the two corporations failed to stop other companies from gaining footholds elsewhere on the planet. Since no agreement on the name of the world was made, the planet was named 244Core after a shortening of its local stellar catalogue number.

After much competing, profits and operations on the planet began to plunge and chaos was about to ensue. When a skilled negotiator and member of the Omenada force tradition named Relaali followed his visions of the future and brokered a deal between the rivaling corporations, a corporate committee made up of representatives of every company operating on 244Core was established to elect a Chief Administrator to rule.

In the following years, although conflict was sparse to non-existent, the rival organizations continued to scheme and plan to gain controlling interest in the world. Political intrigue and industrial espionage became common.

Near the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war, another meteor storm strikes 244Core. Daily meteor rains over the next months severely affected most mining facilities, though an environmental chaos of past times did not occur again.

A new order emerged on 244Core when the Eeook Corporation, successor to Eeook Mining and Reclamation, consolidated its operations in the south and established a security force to protect its holdings. With law and order deteriorating, Eeook began to take over the rest of the planet slowly while the remaining companies continued to battle politcally and physically in the major population centers of the rest of the world.


The Eeook-operated Skyscan 6 space station was located in orbit above the planet to warn of incoming meteorites and asteroids and shoot them if necessary.

The Dump, a former Systino strip mine now left as a junkyard was also located on 244Core.


Eeookko, located in the middle of a giant crater created by a meteorite was a prominent mining site. Relaali, a large city surrounded by mines, company-owned living quarters, three major ground and speeder transportation hubs, and the largest spaceport on the planet.


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