The 2nd Airborne Company was a division of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars that consisted of clone paratroopers. The 2nd Airborne was subordinate to the 212th Attack Battalion of the 7th Sky Corps of the Third Systems Army led by Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 and High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi.


In 21 BBY,[3] the 2nd Airborne Company was transported to Mirial aboard the Core Conveyor accompanied by the Republic Commandos of Omega Squad-who were bound for Gaftikar. The 2nd Airborne troops showed a dislike to the commandos, because of their Mandalorian training, as the 2nd Airborne had previously fought against Mandalorians, resulting in a number of casualties among the clones. Since the standard-issued clones were far less immersed in the Mandalorian culture, and also indoctrinated to be absolutely loyal to the Galactic Republic without question, they disliked the clone commandos for blatantly putting their Mandalorian heritage above their loyalty to the Republic.[4]

The 2nd Airborne Company fought General Grievous's droid forces during the Battle of Utapau in 19 BBY,[2] and later helped subjugate Utapau following the transmission of Order 66.[1]


Parjai Squad was one of many units that comprised the 2nd Airborne Company.[4]

Specialized Armor[]

The clone troopers of the 2nd Airborne Company were outfitted with helmets designed for high altitude drops. Their armor was marked with two orange slashes across the chest.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The 2nd Airborne Company was named by author Karen Traviss, in honor of the real-world 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment of the British Army.[6]



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