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"Hey! What outfit you from?"
―Whiplash to an undercover Boba Fett[src]

The 322nd was a clone cadet unit within the Clone Youth Brigade of the Galactic Republic active during the Clone Wars.[1] In 21 BBY,[2] Boba Fett infiltrated the Clone Youth Brigade, and when asked by fellow clone cadet Whiplash, used the cover that he was transferred from the 322nd. As a result of his infiltration, Fett was able to sabotage the Venator-class Star Destroyer Endurance in an attempt to assassinate Jedi Master Mace Windu for the murder of his father, Jango Fett.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The 322nd was first mentioned in "Death Trap," the twentieth episode of the second season of the TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars that was released in 2010.[1]


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