3B3-10 was a B1-Series battle droid in the service of the Trade Federation. He was part of the Federation occupation force during the Invasion of Naboo, and fought a team of Royal Naboo Security Forces members during the Battle of Naboo. In the course of the engagement, his regiment commander was destroyed, and 3B3-10 took on the task of leading his fellow soldiers against the attackers. The entirety of the Federation's occupation force of Naboo was later deactivated when Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Droid Control Ship.


3B3-10 was a B1-Series battle droid in the Trade Federation Droid Army.[2] In 32 BBY,[1] he was a part of the force brought to Naboo by Viceroy Nute Gunray. Though Gunray's forces had initially simply blockaded Naboo while protesting the taxation of trade routes recently introduced by the Galactic Senate, they later invaded the world, and occupied it.[2]

3B3-10's regiment battles the forces of Queen Amidala.

When Queen Amidala, ruler of the Naboo, led a team of Security Guards into the Theed Royal Palace in an attempt to capture Gunray, and put an end to the Federation's occupation of her home planet,[2] 3B3-10 was stationed in one of the Palace's main hallways.[4] He and the other troops in the regiment battled Amidala's force for some time, with neither side making any progress in particular.[2] The droid's commander fell to Amidala's blaster fire during the engagement, and so 3B3-10 himself assumed command of the regiment.[4]

While under fire, 3B3-10 rerouted orders from the Droid Control Ship above, to himself.[4] Amidala's force eventually broke off from the engagement, and were able to bypass 3B3-10's regiment altogether by using ascension guns to scale an external wall. The Droid Control Ship was later destroyed by Anakin Skywalker, which resulted in the deactivation of all the Federation's forces on Naboo, as the droids were all directly controlled from the ship itself. Gunray was captured by the Queen, and the Federation occupation of the planet came to an end.[2]

Features and functions[]

Manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata,[5] 3B3-10 had white plating, black photoreceptors,[2] masculine programming,[4] and, like all B1 battle droids, stood 1.91 meters tall.[5] 3B3-10 was equipped with a standard E-5 blaster rifle, which he employed in combat against the forces of Queen Amidala. Even when in the heat of battle, he had the ability to redirect the orders coming from the Droid Control Ship to himself, instead of his fallen commander.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

3B3-10 first appeared in George Lucas' 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. The droid was featured, unnamed, in the Palace battle toward the end of the film. He was later identified in the "Theed Palace Limited" set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.



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