"They've gone mad. They're destroying droids all over the city!"
"They aren't mad. They're just frightened. The Yuuzhan Vong are on Ando, and may well conquer the planet."
"But why destroy droids, Master Dorsk?"
"Because the Yuuzhan Vong hate machines."
―A 3D-4 droid and Jedi Knight Dorsk 82 on Ando[3]

The 3D-4 administrative droid, also known as the 3D-4 protocol droid, was a third-degree droid produced by Genetech Corporation sometime before the Yuuzhan Vong War. Designed to compete in the protocol droid market dominated by Cybot Galactica's 3PO-series, the 3D-4 sacrificed diplomatic protocols to focus solely on business administration. The droid was used mainly by businessbeings and ambassadors, and served as a basic negotiator and translator. Although stock models were unarmed, the 3D-4 was capable of being refitted with a concealed hold-out blaster in case of trouble.


Genetech Corporation's 3D-4 administrative droid was a third-degree bipedal unit, and also possessed two hands. It was equipped with a basic processor, a vocabulator, a translator unit which was capable of understanding basic and binary among other languages, and an encrypted internal comlink. The 3D-4 was furnished with a large database containing information on galactic trade, business and law. The droid possessed an internal storage capacity allowing it to store up to five kilograms of material, and was equipped with audio and video recorders. Stock models were unarmed, but could be retrofitted to include a concealed hold-out blaster at the owner's discretion. A license was required to own a 3D-4 administrative droid, and they cost 7,320 credits to purchase.[1]


The 3D-4 series was one of Genetech Corporation's answers to Cybot Galactica's domination of the protocol droid market by producing a droid more suited to administrative functions rather than diplomacy. Designed to assist organic beings with system management and administration duties, the 3D-4 was commonly employed by businessbeings and ambassadors, along with those individuals who felt they needed a droid capable of operating in a variety of roles. The 3D-4's extensive knowledge of bureaucratic procedure, coupled with its translator and information database, allowed it to serve as a basic negotiator and translator during business dealings.[1] Despite its administrative role, it was also referred to as the "3D-4 protocol droid."[3]


"Go, please. Help the others board. My pilot is already at the controls with the flight instructions, so even if something happens to me, you'll be okay."
"Why are you helping us, sir?"
"Because I am a Jedi and I can. You don't deserve destruction."
―Jedi Knight Dorsk 82 and a 3D-4 on Ando[3]

In 26 ABY,[2] a 3D-4 droid was present on the planet Ando during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Extra-galactic invaders, the Yuuzhan Vong despised machines as abominations and sought to destroy them all. As the Yuuzhan Vong arrived on Ando, droids were destroyed by the native Aqualish in an effort to appease the marauders. Dorsk 82, a Khommite clone and Jedi Knight, sought to rescue as many droids as he could from what he saw as senseless destruction, and the 3D-4 was part of a group of thirty-eight droids that Dorsk 82 gathered together. As he guided the droids to his ship, the Jedi turned back to delay a group of Aqualish following them. Dorsk 82 attempted to placate the mob, but a security officer gave orders for the ship to be fired upon while it was still on the ground. The ship and its occupants—the 3D-4, thirty-seven other droids and Dorsk 82's pilot, Hhen—were killed instantly. Dorsk 82 suffered the same fate shortly after as the Aqualish attempted to capture him to turn over to the Yuuzhan Vong.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

A 3D-4 droid first appeared in the prologue in Greg Keyes' The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory I: Conquest, which was part of the New Jedi Order series and published in 2001, in which it was referred to as a "3D-4 protocol droid." In 2010, Wizards of the Coast's Galaxy of Intrigue profiled the 3D-4 administrative droid. This article assumes that the latter source's naming is the most canon. Despite similarities to the 3D-4X administrative droid—including name, basic function and manufacturer—several differences are present between the models, chief among them the ability to refit the droid with a concealed weapon. The cost of the units are different, with 3D-4 droids costing 7,520 credits[1] while 3D-4X droids retail for 5,500 credits.[4] 3D-4 models are equipped with a basic processor,[1] which means that the unit is not suited to independent problem-solving or creative thinking to carry out its tasks, and follows its instructions literally.[5] In contrast, 3D-4Xs are built with a heuristic processor[4] which allows the droid to learn by doing and formulate solutions to the problems it faces through logic and reasoning.[5] The amount of internal storage capacity between the models also differs, with the 3D-4 capable of storing five kilograms within its internal compartments,[1] while the 3D-4X is only capable of carrying two kilograms.[4] For the purpose of this article, it is assumed that the 3D-4 and the 3D-4X are separate models due to these differences.



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