3DVO was a cam droid owned by Lord Prepredenko of Jazbina. Unusually independent for a droid, he had a distinct personality and considered himself a journalist. He was capable of lying, something most droids were not.


3DVO accompanied Luke Skywalker during his "rescue" of Princess Syayna. He filmed the entire operation while flying about on repulsorlifts, but had also secretly been outfitted with certain modifications. When Skywalker had defeated his adversaries, 3DVO involuntarily fired a tranquilizer dart at him, and a beacon he carried led Prepredenko's soldiers to the location. The Jazbinans Skywalker had fought were revealed to be Rebel sympathizers, with whom the Princess cooperated against her father's wishes, and Skywalker was arrested.

Not much later, Darth Vader arrived on the planet, wanting Skywalker turned over to him alive, at all costs. Howevever, 3DVO, who felt betrayed by having been converted into a weapon without his approval, told Prepredenko that Vader wanted him dead. Princess Syayna then "killed" Skywalker with a stun blast and volunteered to dispose of the body. Vader, outraged, had Prepredenko seized and tortured by his stormtroopers. He was then thrown to languish in the dungeons, mortally wounded.

Ashamed that his actions had brought about his master's fall, 3DVO broadcast—from Prepredenko's cell—his final words live into the public videonet in the hope to reach his daughter. Vader was enraged at the breach of security and his message of resistance, and 3DVO was destroyed by a stormtrooper. However, he died content, knowing that he had redeemed himself by performing this last journalistic duty.



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