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"I am not programmed to enjoy terminating you…and yet my receptors would have to analyze this as a positive experience."
―4-LOM, to Beilert Valance[src]

4-LOM "FOR-ELLOEM" was an ambitious LOM-series protocol droid who overrode his programming and became a galactic thief and later a bounty hunter. He often worked together with Gand findsman Zuckuss. Following the Battle of Hoth, both 4-LOM and Zuckuss were hired by the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader to capture Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon and hero of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. However, the bounty on the smuggler's head was instead claimed by the infamous Boba Fett.


Becoming a bounty hunter[]

"Solo, wait—you'll never get away with this."
"You sure about that?"
"Affirmative. The probability of you escaping is approximately 11,289-to-one."
―Zuckuss, Han Solo, and 4-LOM[src]

4-LOM became a bounty hunter after rewriting his programming.

A LOM-series protocol droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton,[3] 4-LOM's programmer told him about a planet where droids rose up.[8] 4-LOM was assigned to a luxury liner, but logic glitches and personality software corruption[4] allowed 4-LOM to override his programming.[9] 4-LOM rewrote his programming,[10] and became a galactic thief, and later a bounty hunter.[9] As a criminal 4-LOM was known for specializing in anticipating the moves of its targets.[10] The Droid Gotra used 4-LOM's story as proof that a droids original programmed function did not determine its future. Industrial Automaton however, tried to bury the droids story, fearing that the public might learn their protocol droids could potentially turn into lethal killers.[11] 4-LOM often worked together with the tracker Zuckuss, one of the first traditional Gand findsmen to leave his homeworld,[9] the planet Gand,[3] and claimed several high profile bounties for the Hutt Clan.[9] Working with his partner, 4-LOM would provide analysis and information to help Zuckuss's mysterious ways.[10]

Between 19 BBY and 5 ABY,[12] 4-LOM was among the 5 bounty hunters investigating a jailbreak on Kalarassi Five.[13]

Capturing Beris Ford[]

"Beris Ford—A small-time hoodlum with ideas above his station. Still, the reward for his capture will pay for our tractor beam repairs."

In 9 BBY,[14] Zuckuss and 4-LOM captured the small-time criminal Beris Ford, keeping him imprisoned aboard their ship and hoping to use the reward for his capture to pay for tractor beam repairs. Weeks later, the hunters took up a bounty placed by Rekias Nodo on Han Solo, and confronted him at Valtos space port. Zuckuss incapacitated the smuggler inside a stun net fired from his snare rifle, and he and 4-LOM loaded Han's cargo into the Mist Hunter, where they imprisoned him along with Ford. Sensing a disturbance in the Force, Zuckuss checked on the stolen cargo only to be attacked by Chewbacca bursting from one of the containers, and was hit with a stun net from his own rifle. Zuckuss was left tied up while the Wookiee rescued Solo and Ford, and the scoundrels fled with their cargo back to the Millennium Falcon. However, the hunters pursued, and after a firefight Zuckuss chased the Falcon into space.[15]

4-LOM, Solo, Chewbacca and Zuckuss escape

Following Solo and Chewbacca to a jungle planet, Zuckuss again sensed something was wrong, but 4-LOM continued the pursuit through a heavy cloud layer until their ship's systems—and 4-LOM himself—suddenly powered down, forcing them to drop out of the sky and crash-land on a beach. Zuckuss was trapped in the wreckage, and called out to Solo for help in freeing his legs, though slapped stuncuffs on Solo when he was in reach. However, the planet's technology-negating effects caused the cuffs to release Solo, who left Zuckuss in his predicament. After Solo and Chewbacca found an energy projector transmitting an immobilizer beam, Zuckuss attacked them with native spears as they climbed the tall mast. Chewbacca dislodged the projection sphere from the top, causing it to crash on the beach below, which caused mechanical drones to erupt from the sand and attacked all three interlopers.[16]

The hunt for the Millennium Falcon[]

Darth Vader addresses 4-LOM and the other assembled bounty hunters.

"There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive."
―Darth Vader to 4-LOM and several other bounty hunters[src]

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, both 4-LOM and Zuckuss assembled, along with fellow bounty hunters Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, and IG-88, aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor, and were hired by Darth Vader to locate the Millennium Falcon. However, the bounty was collected by Fett who tracked down the light freighter to Cloud City on Bespin.[5]


"Although I cannot prove it, it is my belief that the Gotra targeted the Princess with the intent of freeing 4-LOM to be a droid enforcer in their ranks."
―Andressa Divo[src]

Eventually, Andressa Divo looked into 4-LOM's history. After obtaining Droid Gotra databanks, she discovered that they had targeted a luxury liner, which was never attacked. Divo also learned that it used LOM-series protocol droids and suspected that the Gotra may have caused 4-LOMs corrupted programming all along to create a symbol for their cause. Exantor Divo later recorded this in Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious.[11]


"He may look like a nightmarish version of C-3PO, but this nasty fella is actually a LOM-series protocol droid. These units had weird bug-like heads designed to look like the insectoid alien species they served. They also had a pretty nasty flaw in their programming that allowed their personality software to become corrupted."

4-LOM firing his DLT-19 rifle

A cold, calculating[17] and ambitious mechanical,[9] 4-LOM suffered from logic glitches and personality software corruption[4] that allowed him to escape his original programming.

A LOM-series protocol droid,[3] 4-LOM stood 1.67 meters tall[4] and was covered in battered rusted black droid plating.[5] His head was designed to emulate the insectoid species he was designed to serve,[3] with two large green compound photoreceptors.[5]


4-LOM utilized a BlasTech Industries DLT-19x targeting blaster[18] as well as a standard DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle which was capable of firing electromagnetic pulses as well as standard blaster bolts.[19] The droid's chassis further housed an integrated stun-gas emitter, which allowed him to deploy stun gas against organic enemies.[18]

Behind the scenes[]

"The bounty hunter switch is a mistake, albeit an ironic one for anyone who collected action figures once upon a time."
―Jason Fry[src]

Concept art of 4-LOM by John Mollo

4-LOM first appeared in the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back,[5] where he was portrayed by Chris Parsons,[20] who was also a stand-in for Anthony Daniels and played K-3PO and E-3PO in the same movie.[21] His costume was made from a variety of different parts of protocol droid costumes originally designed for C-3PO that the set designers of The Empire Strikes Back cobbled together.[22]

In 1982, Kenner released action figures of 4-LOM and Zuckuss, but transposed their names.[23]

Freemaker Adventures[]

4-LOM appeared in the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season Two episode "Return to the Wheel," which premiered on August 3, 2017. He and several bounty hunters including Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, and Zuckuss captured the Freemakers but they escaped after Kordi created a fight between the droid and organic bounty hunters.[24]


Non-canon appearances[]


(First identified as 4-LOM)

Notes and references[]

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