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"My programmer told me of a world where the droids rose up against their masters. It appears the legends are true."

An individual was a programmer[1] who reprogrammed[2] the LOM-series protocol droid[3] 4-LOM.[1] 4-LOM was assigned to a luxury liner,[4] but a flaw in his programming allowed for his personality software to be corrupted,[5] leading to the protocol droid overriding it.[6] In 9 BBY,[2] 4-LOM recalled that his programmer once spoke to him of legends about a world where droids had risen up against their masters. 4-LOM believed the legend to be true as he fought off scorpion-droids alongside his Gand bounty hunter partner, Zuckuss, and the smuggler duo Han Solo and Chewbacca.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The programmer was mentioned in the comic story "Powered Down, Part II," published in the eleventh issue of the 2017 anthology comic series Star Wars Adventures. The comic was written by Cavan Scott and published by IDW Publishing[1] on June 6, 2018.[7]



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