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The Gallis-Tech 48 Roller was a one-being wheel bike in use following the Clone Wars.


Jann Tosh's wheel bike

The 48 Roller consisted of a large tire propelled by twin jet engines mounted near the base of the vehicle. The pilot sat within the wheel, using handlebars for acceleration, braking and hard turns. The driver could make some turns by simply leaning into them. Wheel bikes were fully maneuverable with just one hand and a small touch pad, moving fingers along the pad in the direction the pilot wanted the bike to move.

The Imperial Scout Wheelbike was a version of the 10,000 credit and 2 meter diameter civilian vehicle. While the civilian version often had two seats, the imperial bike was a single man vehicle featuring a repeating blaster, 20 kg of cargo capacity and 100 kmh speed.[1]


During the Clone Wars, General Grievous owned a bi-wheeled Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike, similar in design to the uniwheel 48 Roller, though Grievous infamously used it as a weapon of war.

Jann Tosh owned a civilian 48 Roller on Tyne's Horky, a mining world where such vehicles were popular.

The CompForce used Scout Wheelbikes on Sedesia due to the planet's weather, hostile to repulsorcraft. The pilots had heavier armor and enclosed helmets but lacked specific wheelbike training.[1]

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The real-life counterpart to the wheel bike is the monowheel.



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