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4B-X (Forbee-X) was a feminine science research droid affiliated with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. In 0 ABY, she accompanied Governor Trux Zissu, Stuart Zissu, R2-D2, and C-3PO on a mission from Yavin 4 to the planet Delantine on board the Timespan. When the Timespan was attacked by an Imperial warship and Governor Zissu was captured, the remaining crew fled in an escape pod which crashed on the planet Da'nor, where they became stranded.


4B-X,[2] or Forbee-X, rolled on wheels and had a large screen for the majority of her egg-shaped head that was able to change colors or could be used to show diagrams. Although she usually used her wheels, she could retract them and use feet that had long steel toes to walk on uneven terrain. Her feet also included spikes that could be used to gain a better grip on the ground. Her screen was prone to flashing while using her sensors or talking. 4B-X had metal webbing that could extend between her fingers to be used as paddles. 4B-X had a shell made of shock absorbent material. 4B-X was very enthusiastic and loved to perform calculations.[1]

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4B-X on the cover of Journey Across Planet X

4B-X first appeared in the Star Wars Legends junior novel Star Wars Science Adventures: Emergency in Escape Pod Four, which was written by Jude Watson and K.D. Burkett, illustrated by Frank Boyd Forney, and published in 1999.[1]



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