5251977 was a small planet so obscure that it had not been given a name besides its numerical designation. Because of its slow rotation, 5251977 had days and nights that lasted the equivalent of several weeks on most other planets. Following its defeat at the hands of the Galactic Empire, the Alliance to Restore the Republic abandoned Echo Base, their headquarters on Hoth, and built a new base on 5251977. The base was quite big compared to its predecessor and had a large hanger housing a number of Starfighters, some Dornean gunships and other ships such as the Mighty Oak Apocalypse. Corona Squadron went there sometime before the Battle of Endor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The planetoid's designation of 5251977 is derived from the release date of Star Wars: Episode IV A New HopeMay 25, 1977, or 5/25/1977, in the United States date and time notation.


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