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The 578-R space transport was a space transport manufactured by Amalgamated Hyperdyne.


578-R space transport layout.

The 578-R suffered from many production problems, and ultimately resulted in Amalgamated Hyperdyne going bankrupt due to the many safety recalls issued on the craft. Many ships came off the assembly line with missing components such as a hyperdrive motivator, or in worse cases exhibiting malfunctions that wouldn't appear until the worst possible moment, such as transparisteel viewports coming loose in the midst of flight.

Most of the transports were removed from the market or recalled for their deficiencies. Those that remained in active use were popular among outlaw techs and the fringes of society. They were easily customized due to their largely available parts of Corellian Engineering Corporation design.

The Last Resort was a highly customized 578-R space transport belonging to the Arkanian Offshoot Camper.



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