5D6-RA-7, nicknamed Fivedesix by those around him, was an RA-7 protocol droid in service to the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Five-D served as an aide to Admiral Conan Antonio Motti's staff around 0 BBY.

Fivedesix was known to be foul-tempered and vindictive for a former service droid, making him feared by other droids. He was a spy for the Imperial Security Bureau, and secretly investigated Imperial officers whose loyalties were in question.

When Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, disguised as Imperial Stormtroopers, accompanied by Chewbacca, were waiting for a turbolift to transport them to Detention Block AA-23 to rescue the captive Princess Leia Organa, Fivedesix was seen walking past them.

Fivedesix was eventually destroyed during the destruction of the first Death Star.

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