The 5YQ-series protocol droid was a protocol droid series produced by Cybot Galactica as a short-lived "boutique model" extension of the company's successful 3PO-series. These pewter-colored droids were designed to compete with Serv-O-Droid, Inc.'s Orbot, and sold at low prices in the Mid Rim.

The 5YQ protocol droid was similar in appearance to the 3PO-series in many respects, particularly in its 1.7-meter humanoid frame. The use of shared components led to a lawsuit filed against Cybot Galactica, forcing the company to retire the line. Only a handful of 5YQ units remained in the market after this.

One of the most infamous 5YQ droids was I-5YQ, nicknamed "I-Five" by his master, Lorn Pavan. Pavan heavily modified and upgraded his droid, until I-Five bore little more than a cosmetic similarity to its factory template. Among Pavan's modifications were a radar-mapping device, a microwave projector beam, a secret compartment in I-Five's chest plating, a pair of spotlight-projecting photoreceptors, an electrostatic generator, and two concealed lasers in the droid's fingertips. I-Five's primary protocol function was also modified to accommodate Pavan's status as a con-artist.

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