"I bet even Biggs never made a one-handed shot with an energy-rifle-- while fighting a landspeeder's controls!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle was a slugthrower produced by Czerka Arms and used during the Galactic Civil War, commonly on backwater worlds in the Outer Rim Territories.

A Czerka 6-2Aug2 Hunting Rifle

The 6-2Aug2 had an elongated barrel that allowed for precise, long-range shooting, making up for the lack of a laser targeting sight or scope. The 6-2Aug2 was known to be easy to repair and maintain. It was quite similar to the Tusken Cycler rifle although more modern and with a faster rate of fire.

Luke Skywalker owned a 6-2Aug2 during his youth on Tatooine. His uncle started teaching him to use it when he was only seven years old, the same age Owen started. Luke often used womp rats as target practice; by the time he was seventeen, he could shoot them from the driver's seat of his landspeeder without stopping to aim. The rifle was destroyed during a fight with the Tusken Raider URoRRuR'R'R in the Jundland Wastes prior to the destruction of Alderaan in 0 BBY.

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In the Marvel Star Wars Comics Luke's 6-2Aug2 was referred to as a "laser rifle" or "energy-rifle". Later sources identified it as a slugthrower.

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