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6C was the room number of a small apartment owned by the male Sullustan Borkus and rented by clone commando CC-5576-39, nicknamed Gregor, in Pons Ora, on planet Abafar. Gregor was lived there after he went missing in action in the Battle of Sarrish, lost his memory and started working as a dishwasher for the Pons Ora diner Power Sliders, also owned by Sullustan Borkus.[1]

According to Gregor, the salary he was paid as a dishwasher could barely pay the rent for his apartment. Due to its cheap price, the quality of the apartment was not good and it was infested with bugs. After some time Gregor was found there by the D-Squad, and he later helped them to escape from the remote planet, sacrificing himself.[1]



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