SplrMuck: "Ged your unholy pseudopoda off dis Holy Artifact, Zquib-thing."
Jiminaldo-mabbramsti: "From our dead, cold paws, ugly Ugor fiend-being! We did the location finding of this silver-ish prettisome treasure pre-secondary!"
7-A39: "It is unfortunate that Master Lanius never programmed me for a denouement of this particular design."
―SplrMuck, Jiminaldo-mabbramsti, and 7-A39, during an argument over ownership of the droid[2]

7-A39, also known as SevenAy, was a protocol droid with a masculine persona who served the Jedi Order at the Almas Academy, a Jedi academy that was located on the planet Almas. Following the destruction of the academy in 19 BBY, 7-A39 suffered some damage, and his legs were destroyed. Circa 17 BBY, he was rediscovered by a group of Ugor scavengers, and the Ugors became engaged in a dispute with a crew of rival Squib salvagers regarding ownership of the droid. The quarrel was resolved when a team of Alderaanian Resistance agents purchased 7-A39 from both parties, and the agents subsequently used the protocol droid as a guide while they explored the academy's ruins.


"I am 7-A39. Please, Master Kir has requested your presence at the Jedi Academy, and she seemed most urgent. If you would please come with me?"

7-A39, known to some by his nickname "SevenAy,"[2] was a protocol droid[1] with a masculine personality[2] who served the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He was based at the Almas Academy, a Jedi academy that was situated in the city Forard on the planet Almas.[1] In about 31 BBY,[3] he was sent out into the city by the Jedi Master Seenlu Kir to locate some freelance agents with whom the Jedi wished to speak. 7-A39 located the agents and escorted them back to the academy, and Kir hired the operatives to help search for some missing Jedi.[1]

Almas, the planet on which 7-A39 resided

Circa 19 BBY,[4] the Almas Academy was destroyed during an assault led by the Dark Jedi Garth Ezzar.[5] 7-A39 suffered some damage as a result of the attack, and he lost both of his legs and lay abandoned within the academy's ruins.[2] Around 17 BBY,[6] a group of Ugor scavengers discovered the remains of the droid inside the academy, and they dragged 7-A39 out to the building's entrance. However, after the Ugors briefly left the droid unguarded, a crew of rival Squib salvagers claimed the droid for themselves. The Ugors and Squibs subsequently became involved in an argument regarding the rightful ownership of the droid; the Ugors deemed the protocol droid a holy artifact and alleged that they were entitled to him under Ugorian Divine Law, while the Squibs contended that 7-A39 was rightfully theirs under High Squibbian Law, because the Ugors had left the droid undefended. The Ugor SplrMuck and the Squib Jiminaldo-mabbramsti also engaged in a tug-of-war, pulling on the droid from either side in attempt to take it for themselves, much to 7-A39's dismay. A group of Alderaanian Resistance agents, who had traveled to Almas to search for a Jedi holocron, passed by the scene of the quarrel, and the Ugors called upon the agents to resolve the dispute.[2]

The resistance agents negotiated with SplrMuck and the Squibs to purchase the droid, and the Ugors agreed to relinquish their claim to the droid in return for AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png2,000, while the Squibs were content to swap the droid for the agents' breath masks. Carried by the agents in a net, 7-A39 acted as a guide for the Alderaanian Resistance team while they explored the academy ruins. Shortly afterward, the agents discovered a fragment of a Sith tome in the facility's archive room, and 7-A39 translated the text for them. However, the droid's recital of the document triggered a groundquake that caused the room to shudder. The agents also visited the academy's control room, and there, 7-A39 accessed a computer and obtained a map of the academy's sub-levels for his new masters.[2]


"This appears to be a dead language. Yes definitely—the Sith tongue is such a peculiar one. The passage appears to… oh my. Quite a bleak extract."
―7-A39, on a Sith tome that the Alderaanian Resistance agents discovered in the Almas Academy[2]

A hapless, bipedal protocol droid, 7-A39 was fitted with silver-colored[2] copper[1] plating, which became tarnished when he was damaged following the attack on the Almas Academy. He possessed detailed knowledge of the academy's inner workings, and he was programmed with a holomap of the institution's layout. He was also fitted with a heuristic processor, a translator unit, and a vocabulator.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

7-A39 was created by Adam Burns, and he first appeared in Desert Cries, a 2002 role-playing adventure that formed part of the Almas, Sweet Almas trilogy of the Living Force campaign.[1] He later made a further appearance in Echoes of the Jedi, a role-playing adventure written by Abel G. Peña and Jean-François Boivin that was published in 2008. In Echoes of the Jedi, the players role-play as the Alderaanian Resistance agents, and the player characters have the option of negotiating with the Squibs and Ugors to obtain 7-A39.[2]


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