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The Merr-Sonn 7-PrG Proton Grenade, or Sequencer Charge, was a powerful explosive developed for structure demolition.

Using the same principle as the larger starfighter and capital ship-carried proton torpedo, the 7-PrG was used by the Rebel Alliance strike team on Endor to destroy the shield bunker there. This brought down the protective shield over the Death Star II, allowing Alliance snubfighters to penetrate its interior and destroy its power generator. The 7-PrG had a twist plunger that was used to set a timer that could delay the explosion for twenty minutes. The 7-PrG also had an activation plunger that started the countdown. These two mechanisms conjunctively assured there were no unintended detonations. The power of a 7-PrG was comparable to that of a thermal detonator; however, its blast was focused mainly in a single direction, toward the magnetic plate at the bottom. It also released EMP pulses, disabling droids and any other electronic devices within a twenty-meter radius.

Because of its power and complexity, the 7-PrG Proton Grenade was very rarely found out of military hands.

The weapon was used by the Rebel Alliance to destroy the Endor shield generator bunker in 4 ABY during the climactic Battle of Endor.[1] They were placed in the control room and in the generator room.[2]

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7-PrG proton grenades first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.



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