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The 7th Sky Corps was a division of the Third Systems Army under the joint command of Clone marshal commander Cody and High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Notable units in the 7th Sky Corps included the 212th Attack Battalion which specialized in offensive scenarios, Ghost Company, specializing in reconnaissance, the 2nd Airborne Company, Parjai Squad, and Squad Seven.

History[edit | edit source]

212th Attack Battalion on Utapau.

Though Commander Cody was the overall commander of the 7th Sky Corps, he later took personal command of the 212th Attack Battalion, which was also led by High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, who developed a friendship with the battalion commander during the Clone Wars. The 212th was a well-known and effective battalion which would often be sent to participate in major battles during the Clone Wars. The 212th were often deployed alongside the 501st in missions and battles across the galaxy.

During the Battle of Christophsis, Commander Cody and the 212th aided Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. After being breached unexpectedly by droid forces, it was soon revealed that one of their brothers was a traitor. Cody helped Rex hunt down the traitor who was none other then Slick.[10] During the Separatist counter attack, the 212th Battalion, along with Torrent Company, helped beat back droid forces.

In the Battle of Teth, the battalion, led by Cody, went with Kenobi to aid Anakin Skywalker and the remainder of Torrent Company which had been overrun by droid forces, and later defeated the droid forces under command of Asajj Ventress.[11]

In the Battle of Ryloth, Ghost Company helped Kenobi eliminate several proton cannons to allow ground invasion forces to land. After encountering starved gutkurrs, the squad created a diversion while Kenobi and troopers Waxer and Boil helped the general destroy the cannons, allowing the Acclamator assault ships to land and initiate the invasion. Republic troops would later march to the capital city of Lessu, liberating the planet from Separatist enslavement.

In the Second Battle of Geonosis, General Kenobi, Cody and the 212th were assigned to lead the central charge upon landing. They were the first to land on Geonosis, while the 501st and Ki-Adi-Mundi's battalion were forced to land before reaching their landing zones and rendered them unable to provide support. When Kenobi's gunship crashed behind enemy lines, Cody sent Waxer and Boil to retrieve Kenobi and return with the wounded Jedi Master. The 212th, though vastly outnumbered and forced onto the defensive, lined up their gunships and AT-TEs in a circle formation and used them as gun emplacement platforms to hold the encircling droid forces at bay. The 212th were able to hold out against the Geonosians and their droid forces, albeit with significant casualties, until Generals Skywalker's 501st and Ki-Adi-Mundi's forces finally arrived with air support.[6] Due to sustaining numerous casualties, the 212th would not participate in the following attack on the Geonosian capital.

In the Battle of Umbara, General Kenobi and the 212th spearheaded the Republic ground attack, going straight for the Umbaran capital while the 501st provided support by eliminating enemy supplies. Obi-Wan called on General Pong Krell, who was the interim commander of the 501st in Skywalker's absence, to help aid the siege through various means, such as destroying an Umbaran airbase. While the majority of 212th forces sieged the Umbaran capital itself, Krell ordered a platoon led by Waxer to search the forests for enemy guerrillas disguised in 501st armor, unaware that the 501st were given the same order. The 212th and 501st cut each other down with blaster fire and mortars until the captain in charge of the 501st realized they were shooting at fellow clones. Waxer had been fatally wounded but was able to tell Rex that Krell gave the order. The survivors of the platoon joined the 501st in attacking and capturing, at great cost, the traitor, General Krell. Later, the main forces of the 212th successfully took down the capital and dispatched squadrons to destroy the remainder of Separatist forces on Umbara, including the droid battalion which was en route to attack the Umbaran airbase captured by the 501st, effectively ending the Battle of Umbara.

During the Attack on Obi-Wan Kenobi's fleet, the 212th aided the 211th Battalion in the unsuccessful attempt of repelling Separatist forces from the Negotiator, failing due to the superior number of droids and the presence of Grievous. Most of the battalion escaped via escape pods after General Obi-wan Kenobi ordered a retreat.

The 212th was sent to Sarrish in an attempt to neutralize Separatist forces on the planet. Although the 212th initially managed to push back the enemy, the Separatist's superiority in numbers and their geographical advantage gradually forced back the 212th forces, instigating heavy casualities in the process. Clone commandoGregor was determined Missing in Action after trying to rescue his squadmates who were pinned down by enemy fire during the battle.

On Cato Neimoidia, General Kenobi, Commander Cody, and the elite Squad Seven breached Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray's fortress and secured vital data that began the hunt for Darth Sidious.

When General Kenobi was tasked with tracking down and eliminating the Separatist Supreme Commander, General Grievous, he took two battalions with him to the Utapau system—the 212th and the 211th Battalion. Cody's commandos stormed Grievous's stronghold on the tenth level of Pau City, and kept his droid forces at bay while Kenobi faced the General himself in single combat. The clones would take heavy casualties in the battle due to the superior numbers of droids, but would eventually gain the advantage, and later destroyed all the droid forces stationed on the planet.

Although Obi-Wan defeated Grievous, matters took a turn when Darth Sidious transmitted Order 66 to Cody. Cody was ordered to command an AT-TE walker to open fire on the general, sending him to his apparent death hundreds of feet below. The clones went on to destroy the remaining battle droid forces on Utapau, and, as per the new Emperor's orders, subjugated the planet.

Known battles[edit | edit source]

Units within the 7th Sky Corps[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

The 7th Sky Corps was known to field Nu-class attack shuttles, TX-130, LAAT gunships, AT-AP, AT-RT and AT-TE walkers, all with orange markings.

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