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"Whether he was branding the feet of a GNK power droid with hot irons, removing the limbs of an elitist protocol droid, or simply blasting his favorite Sy Snootles solo album at sensor-shattering levels, 8D8 always knew how to bring the pain."

8D8 was a masculine Roche Hive 8D-series smelter droid who was lobotomized and reprogrammed to assist EV-9D9, Jabba Desilijic Tiure's chief of Cyborg Operations, in terrorizing the droid pool of the Hutt crime lord's palace on the planet Tatooine. He was temporarily deactivated after his master's demise and later worked for Boba Fett. He presented those who came to pay tribute to the Daimyo, and provided information to Fett.


Jabba's droid pool[]

"EV-9D9 may have given the orders, but it was 8D8 who actually carried them out."

A masculine 8D-series smelter droid manufactured by Roche Hive,[1] 8D8 was originally programmed to perform simple tasks in ore-extraction facilities.[3] However, he was lobotomized and reprogrammed to serve in the droid torture chamber in Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure's palace on the planet Tatooine.[7] He became devoted to EV-9D9,[8] a feminine EV-series supervisor droid that served as chief of Cyborg Operations,[6] and assisted her in terrorizing the palace's droid pool[2] to ensure they knew their place.[1]

A powered-down 8D8

In the year 0 BBY,[9] 8D8 was torturing a power droid while EV-9D9 spoke to the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk regarding the whereabouts of 261, a rogue Imperial astromech droid that had briefly been part of the palace's droid pool before escaping.[10] After the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker gifted Jabba R2-D2 and C-3PO[4] in 4 ABY,[11] shortly before the Battle of Endor, 8D8 was torturing[4] a GNK-series power droid[2] by pressing a hot iron to his victim's feet while EV-9D9 assigned the new acquisitions positions in the droid pool. Shortly after, Jabba was killed during a failed execution of Skywalker and his companions.[4] After Jabba's demise, the Hutt's droid pool,[12] including 8D8,[13] were all deactivated.[12]

Working for Boba Fett[]

"Their tortured squeals will send a piercing message to all potential challengers to your throne."
"I do not torture."
"Well, respectfully, Lord Fett, on Tatooine you must project strength if you are to be accepted as a Daimyo."
―8D8 and Boba Fett[5]

With Jabba dead, his majordomo, Bib Fortuna,[14] laid claim to the Hutt's throne and assumed control of Jabba's criminal empire.[15] Around 9 ABY,[16] however, Boba Fett, a retired bounty hunter[15] who previously had worked for Jabba in his former career,[17] murdered Fortuna and took the ex-majorjomo's throne with the help of the assassin Fennec Shand. Forming his own gotra with Fortuna's resources and territories as the new Daimyo,[15] Fett used a reactivated 8D8 as a diplomatic and strategic assistant.[2]

8D8 presented guests to Boba Fett as they came to pay tribute to the new Daimyo.

When officials from the city of Mos Espa went to pay tribute to Fett as the new Daimyo, 8D8 introduced the guests as they entered and took their gifts on behalf of Fett. After taking a gift from the Aqualish Garfalaquox, the leader of Mos Espa's Aqualish crime family, 8D8 presented the Trandoshan Dokk Strassi, the head of the Trandoshan family, and took the don's gift to Fett. The next guest was supposed to be Mok Shaiz, the mayor of Mos Espa, which 8D8 introduced as the next arrival entered the throne room. However, the Twi'lek that entered corrected the droid, specifying that he was Shaiz's majordomo. 8D8 watched as the Twi'lek majordomo gave no physical tribute to Fett and instead demanded one for the mayor, ultimately being refused and leaving.[5]

After the majordomo came the droid UK2-B, whom escorted two captured Gamorrean guards which had formerly served Jabba and Fortuna. 8D8 introduced the two prisoners and suggested that their audible torture would make a send a message to any potential challenger to Fett. The Daimyo insisted that he would not torture, but 8D8 claimed that to be accepted as Daimyo, Fett must project strength. Instead though, Fett, citing the guards' loyalty to their former masters as 8D8 had initially introduced, offered to spare the pair in exchange for their loyalty, which the Gamorreans agreed to.[5]


"What do we know of this prisoner?"
"He is of the Order of the Night Wind."
"Assassin for hire."
"Very expensive."
―Fett and 8D8[17]

8D8 attended the questioning of a Night Wind assassin.

Shortly after, Fett and Shand were ambushed in Mos Espa by six assassins of the Order of the Night Wind. The Gamorreans that Fett had spared helped him to overcome their attackers, and Shand captured one of the attackers alive[5] and brought him to the palace. After the assassin refused to give up any information to Fett, the Daimyo asked what they new of the captive, to which 8D8 explained that he was of the Order of the Night Wind and was very expensive.[17]

Shand claimed that the Night Wind assassins were overpriced, but 8D8 insisted that their reputation was legendary, and that there was no way that the prisoner would reveal information. He added that they feared no man, and in response, Shand dropped the prisoner to the rancor pit. The assassin, believing a rancor was in the pit, succumbed to his fear and claimed that Mayor Mok Shaiz hired him. The Night Wind assassin, though, had been fooled, as there was no rancor behind the door. Subsequently, Fett and Shand went to visit Shaiz with their prisoner to address the matter to the mayor.[17]

Peel's petition[]

"[To Boba Fett] One of your vassals seeks an audience with you."
"Do they have an appointment?"
"No, Mistress Shand."
―8D8 and Fennec Shand[18]

Later on, 8D8 gave Fett a presentation on the history of the territories of Jabba the Hutt and Bib Fortuna. When first showing the businesses protected by Jabba on a holographic display, he refused to say the Hutt's name in fear that he would offend Fett or make him feel threatened. Fett, though, was offended by 8D8's caution and so the droid apologized to him before being prompted to carry on by Shand. 8D8 explained the uneasy alliances Fortuna relied on to remain in power and that Fett's new subjects were awaiting to see what kind of leader he would be in the wake of his rise to power. As Fett and Shand discussed the assassin attack before, one of the Gamorrean guards came with news that one of Fett's vassals was wanting to speak with the Daimyo.[18]

8D8 helped oversee Lortha Peel's petition to Fett

8D8 translated the guard's words to Fett and confirmed to Shand that there was no existing appointment. Fett let the visitor enter the thrown room regardless. The new arrival came in with the other Gamorrean guard and, per 8D8's request, introduced himself as a water-monger named Lortha Peel. 8D8 asked what Peel's petition to Fett was, to which Peel claimed that no one respected the new Daimyo. The droid angrily stopped the vendor, but Fett told his assistant to let Peel speak. Peel and the Daimyo then discussed the disorder amongst the residents of Mos Espa and the water-monger asked for Fett to help get rid of the Mods, a group of cybernetically enhanced individuals that were stealing from him. Fett visited the mods, but after hearing their situation, he chose to hire the gang members instead.[18]

Delivering news[]

"Excuse me, Lord Fett."
"Not now. I'm busy."
"We heard back from the Mayor's office. He remains completely unavailable for the next 20 days."
―8D8 brings news to Fett[18]

Not long after, "the Twins," a pair of Hutts and cousins to the late Jabba the Hutt who wished to claim their relative's former territories, sent the Wookiee bounty hunter Krrsantan to assassinate Fett. Krrsantan was captured in his attempt, and in the meantime, the Twins learned that Mayor Shaiz had promised Fett's territories to the Pyke Syndicate. Thus the Twins, choosing to abandon their claim on Tatooine, traveled to Fett's palace with a peace offering. 8D8 interrupted Fett's dinner and with Shand to inform him of the Hutts' arrival and their gift. Fett and Shand ultimately spoke with the Twins, who informed Fett of why they were leaving, not mentioning the Pykes by name, and gave him a rancor.[18]

While Fett began training with the rancor, a request was made for another meeting between him and Shaiz. However, word came from the city hall that the mayor was unavailable for at least twenty days. 8D8 interrupted Fett's time with his new rancor, informing the Daimyo of the news. Thus Fett told the smelter droid to have Shand "suit up" for an immediate visit to the city hall. Fett and Shand traveled there with the Mods and apprehended Shaiz's Twi'lek majordomo, learning that it was the Pykes that Shaiz was working with.[18]

The translator[]

"Master Garfalaquox asks what it is that you are proposing."
"I am proposing that all the families of Mos Espa join in a defensive alliance until the Pyke Syndicate is vanquished."
―8D8 translates Garfalaquox to Fett[15]

Fett later held a banquet with the Mos Espa crime family leaders, hoping to gain their support against the Pyke Syndicate. As 8D8 stood to the side between two Aqualish guards, the Daimyo began by making the family his own promises and listing the apparent downsides of the Pykes' operations on Tatooine, with a brief interruption from his rancor in its dungeon below. When Garfalaquox asked what Fett was proposing, 8D8 translating the Aqualish leader, Fett suggested that the three families join him in clearing the Pykes from Tatooine.[15]

Fett's proposal wasn't met with any supportive sentiment from the dons, so he instead asked that they remain neutral in his feud with the syndicate. Dokk Strassi was the first to agree with the terms, and Garfalaquox followed, 8D8 translating the Aqualish's words. Once the Klatooinian family leader agreed, the parties toasted, and the families departed the palace.[15]

Holding out in Mos Espa[]

"Lord Fett? There is someone here to see you."
―8D8, to Fett[19]

Fett and Shand began mustering allies to help them against the Pyke Syndicate. In the meantime, the Pykes made their own moves, going on to bomb the Sanctuary cantina in Mos Espa.[20] Realizing that the Pykes were striking, Fett and his assets positioned themselves in Mos Espa, 8D8 joining the Daimyo himself with Shand, the Twi'lek majordomo, and the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin at the ruins of the Sanctuary. The syndicate sent the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane and some Pyke back shooters past Fett's sentries to their position, where 8D8 had stood watch outside. The droid subsequently went in to inform Fett that there was a visitor.[19]

Fett faced Bane, their standoff ultimately blowing over in a stalemate. In the meantime, 8D8 remained inside, but was soon joined by the others again when they received word that the crime families of Mos Espa had turned on the Daimyo's forces. While Shand left to make an attack on the Pyke Syndicate aligned leadership on Tatooine, 8D8 stayed with the rest as they awaited the arrival of Pyke forces. When Pyke troops arrived outside, Fett and Djarin prepared to strike, but the majordomo then rose from beside 8D8 and convinced the Daimyo into letting him negotiate with the enemy, the droid observing the exchange. However, Fett was instead using the Twi'lek as a distraction, leading him and Djarin to begin a surprise attack on the Pyke forces.[19]

Characteristics and traits[]

"This 8D-series smelter droid was reprogrammed to deliver punishment to his mechanical brethren. And this synthetic sadist seemed to enjoy every moment of it!"

A lanky[2] Roch Hive 8D-series smelter droid,[1] 8D8 was a long-faced humanoid droid with a blank white pair of photoreceptors and body[3] that stood 1.83 meters tall[2] and was designed with extreme durability.[3]

A cruel industrial droid[1] who was reprogrammed for sadism,[2] 8D8, like most 8D-series droids, resented the more sophisticated protocol and astromech droids. A bully, he sometimes tortured other droids for his own amusement.[1] 8D8 also loved to listen to[6] the singer[21] Sy Snootles albums to sensor-shattering levels.[6] In the service of Boba Fett, the smelter droid believed in the traditions of projecting strength in order to affirm leadership on Tatooine, suggesting the torture of two captured Gamorreans to the new Daimyo.[5] 8D8 recognized a Night Wind assassin by his affiliation and reputation, cynically claiming to Fett that the assassin would never cooperate.[17]

8D8 was initially cautious of iterating Jabba the Hutt's name to Fett, believing that it might insult the Daimyo. When Fett questioned such sentiment, the smelter droid regurgitated the excuse that the Daimyo had felt threatened and then apologized when his master was insulted by the claim. 8D8 was assertive with Lortha Peel, cutting the vendor off in a scorning manner when the man claimed no one respected Fett. While interrupting Fett's first training with his new rancor, the droid ignored the Daimyo's insistance that he was busy and continued with the news he had.[18]

Behind the scenes[]

8D8 was created for the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, the final installment of the Original trilogy which was directed by Richard Marquand.[4] In the film the droid was realized as a puppet that shared its body structure with BG-J38, another droid used in Jabba's palace in the film.[22]

8D8 was reintroduced into live action in the Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett, starting with the debut episode "Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land," which was directed by Robert Rodriguez[5] and released on December 29, 2021.[23] In the series, he was voiced by Matt Berry. Chris Bartlett was credited in the episode as the performance artist of UK2-B in Chapter 1, though it was not immediately clear which character in the episode this credit referred to. Since the episode also featured a droid voiced by Berry,[5] some fans and online publications assumed that Berry's character was in fact UK2-B,[24][25] prompting Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter that UK2-B was a different character to 8D8.[26]

Databank on StarWars.com used an image of 8D8 for the entry named "Astromech (in Jabba's Palace)"[27] despite 8D8's canonical droid model not being an astromech droid.[1] The entry was later changed to cover an astromech droid[28] featured first in "Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa" of The Book of Boba Fett, which was directed by Rodriguez[18] and released on January 12, 2022.[29]


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