A'jidre Skrigatov was the rotund Devaronian Provisional Governor of the planet Abregado-rae during the Galactic Civil War.


Despite forwarding a guise of honor, Skrigatov was simply a petty criminal, and had earlier assassinated the previous governor to take power. To avoid a public frenzy, he arranged to be wed to the granddaughter of the previous governor, Brinaloy N'Vaari.

A local Rodian gangster named Malkoi shared a mutual vendetta with Skrigatov and as such, arranged for N'Vaari to be kidnapped. Malkoi hoped to blackmail Skrigatov out of power and install a puppet governor.

They were both foiled when N'Vaari used her comprehensive training as an actress to impersonate a Twi'lek performer at the Starlight Theater located on Phyrstal Island in the resort city of Le Yer.

After Skrigatov's failure, he and his good friend Friizt, the owner of the Triple Nova Casino in Le Yer, struggled to get him re-elected.

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