The A-180 blaster was a modular blaster manufactured by BlasTech Industries.[1] It was a highly versatile design which could be easily reconfigured into a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, or ion launcher depending on the situation.[2]

The pistol, at the core of the weapon, featured a crescent-shaped trigger and a cylindrical-shaped upper design. To expand to a blaster rifle, a top-fitting lock was added to hold a separate, larger assembly to the front. The Rifle configuration accepted a side-loading magazine, reminiscent of an E-11. A barrel extension and extendable stock was fitted to complete the sniper configuration.

Used during the reign of the Galactic Empire, one such pistol was wielded by Jyn Erso of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[4]

By 9 ABY,[7] the A-180 was used by the New Republic soldier Lant Davan,[5] and, decades later, it was used in its sniper configuration by Resistance forces.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Matthew Savage took part in the design of the concept art for the blaster and expansions.[8]

A version of the reconfigurable blaster appeared in the Vintage-collection 3.75" Jyn Erso action figure and the "Sergeant Jyn Erso" Black Series release (2016).[source?]



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