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The A-1 Deluxe Floater, also known simply as the A-1 landspeeder, was a cheap, basic landspeeder, that featured automated steering and fine Corellian leather. It was first produced by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders in the months prior to the Clone Wars.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Another view of the A-1 Deluxe Floater

The Mobquet A-1 Deluxe floater was a capsule-shaped, yellow-hulled landspeeder with a pod-like cockpit seating a pilot and passenger in single file. The speeder's six external RS-J24 thruster engine modules propelled the A-1 at speeds of around 160 kilometers per hour. A series of inlet ports on the rounded nose drew in air to cool the engines, but the A-1 suffered from insulation problems, noise pollution and the risk of exterior odors filtering into the cockpit.

The 7.1-meter-long Deluxe floater was affordable at 6,500 credits, but lacked any kind of amenities and was considered to be a very basic speeder—though perfect for Outer Rim Territories worlds or the youthful speeder customization crowd in the Core.

History[edit | edit source]

Lady Valles Santhe used this model of landspeeder as her personal transport on Lianna.[3]

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