The A-6 Interceptor was a small fighter, manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. It was equipped with triple laser cannons.

A-6 Interceptors were used in the Stark Hyperspace War. In the First Battle of Qotile, they were part of the fleet of Ranulph Tarkin's Republic Outland Regions Security Force. In the Fifth Battle of Qotile, they were piloted by Jedi and launched from Trade Federation bacta ships, divided into Blue Squadron and Red Squadron.

It was the predecessor of the A-7 Hunter interceptor and eventual A-9 Vigilance interceptor.

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The Republic-affiliated starfighter that appeared in the 2001 comic arc Republic: The Stark Hyperspace War was retconed by The Essential Guide to Warfare as being the A-6 Interceptor from the Jedi Quest novel.[3]



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