The A-A4B truckspeeder,[2] also known as the A-A4B landspeeder[1] or the A-A4B speeder truck,[3] was a model of truckspeeder manufactured by Trast Heavy Transports. The gangster Moloch owned one such vehicle.


An A-A4B truckspeeder

Trast's A-A4B truckspeeder was a popular short-haul cargo speeder typically used by small businesses for local deliveries. The square-shouldered vehicle had a long, narrow, rectangular forward section housing the powerful and noisy T-RA950 MagnaDrive engine. The cockpit lay at the rear of this section in front of a larger, reinforced cargo box mounted in the rear. From the factory, the cargo box had a single door with an extendable ramp which was reinforced. It could also be equipped with a hydraulic lift for heavy cargo, smaller side doors that were lockable, and even armor to protect cargo. The cargo box included a modular cargo-handling system to organize pallets, crates, or loose cargo so that loading and unloading the vehicle could be done quickly and efficiently. Passengers could also ride in the cargo section.[3]

The A-A4B proved to be an excellent short-haul cargo truck and attracted the favor of smugglers, crime syndicates, and other individuals who wished to move large amounts of precious freight in semi-anonymity. The vehicle was known to be sturdy and relatively fast, resembling a tank, with a favorable capacity. It could also be customized and had plenty of room in the hull for hidden compartments, retractable weapons, battering rams, shield generators, and other less-than legal modifications.[3]


The Grindalid gangster Moloch owned a modified A-A4B while working for Lady Proxima on Corellia.[2] As his species was sensitive to light, the henchman would don protective armor and travel in his truckspeeder when conducting business on the planet's surface.[5] Moloch used his truckspeeder to chase down Han and Qi'ra when the scrumrats escaped with a vial of coaxium. He rammed Han's stolen M-68 landspeeder but was unable to run them off the concourses leading to the Coronet Spaceport, and eventually gave chase on foot with his Corellian hounds.[4]

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As shown in The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Baja desert-racing trophy trucks with their powerful suspensions and engines were an early source of inspiration for the A-A4B.[6]


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