"Theft of a class-one droid is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison."
"So it is, so it is. Let's get started, shall we?"
―Doc and Spinda Caveel[src]

A-OIC (a.k.a. Doc) was one-of-a-kind medical/surgical droid. He was custom built by Massad Thrumble before his retirement as the admiral in charge of the Imperial droid research facility.


Doc was a droid repair, modification, and reprogramming specialist. Such tasks required a high degree of mental flexibility and the ability to analyze and solve complex problems. This made Doc an unusually perceptive droid.


In 4 ABY Doc was kidnapped by Spinda Caveel, who intended to use him to perform illegal operations on droids to make them more valuable on the black market. Doc informed Caveel of the illegality of the venture, but he was unimpressed. Doc analyzed his situation and came to the conclusion that his best course of action was to attempt an escape. In the process of modifying an old battle droid to Caveel's specifications, Doc surreptitiously altered its programming so that it would attack Caveel at a time of Doc's choosing. The time came when the Human replica droid Guri arrived, defeating Caveel's bodyguards, Zan and Zu Pike. Caveel moved to strike Guri and was restrained and subdued by the battle droid.

Guri had come in search of Doc, having learned of his existence from his creator, Massad Thrumble. She sought to use Doc to perform the delicate neural restructuring required to remove her memories of the Black Sun and her hardwired assassination protocols, an operation which only Doc would be capable of performing. Guri and Doc traveled to Hurd's Moon, where Doc coordinated the delicate operation with Massad Thrumble and successfully removed Guri's assassin programming and memories of the Black Sun while leaving her personality and her other memories intact.



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