A-Zulmun was a Tusken Raider tribal leader, and the slayer of Ranon Djelkh.


When a ship crashed at the edge of the Dune Sea, it sealed off a cave that contained a grotto with a secret water supply that the Tusken Raider tribe had been using for centuries. They tried to remove the ship by using Banthas, but it freed a Mole serpent that was trapped underneath. A-Zulmun fought against the creature and was severely wounded. He escaped the mole serpent's grasp after he jammed his rifle in its mouth, right before it almost swallowed him completely as it did to the other tusken raiders. Later on, some of the surviving members of the tribe spotted the players of the story and saw it as an opportunity to take water from them or the Jawa beside them. A-Zulmun saw it as an opportunity to die fighting and dragged his injured self throughout the battle toward his enemies.

After the players healed his injuries, A-Zulmun informed them about the ship that crashed in front of the cavern entrance. He told them that it was a half a day's travel and he offered the Bantha's that his fellow tribe members had brought with them as a ride. A certain distance before they arrived at the crashed ship A-Zulmun informed the players that the shuffling of the Banthas attracted the mole serpent. If A-Zulmun could not be understood by the players, he got down from the bantha and motioned to the players to do the same. If the players ignored his warning, A-Zulmun followed them 50 meters behind the Banthas they rode.

The mole serpent emerged and having fought the creature for a while, Ranon Djelkh appeared in a skiff and attempted stop them. When A-Zulmun saw this occurrence, he recovered a fallen tusken raider's slugthrower rifle and crawled up to a vantage point where Ranon was clearly seen. Once he arrived on the vantage point, he started shooting at Ranon until he was eventually killed by the players or shot by A-Zulmun. After the mole serpent was neutralized and Ranon was defeated, A-Zulmun climbed atop of the shipwreck and prevented any person from entering the grotto, including the players that helped him.


He was extremely distrustful towards outsiders, because for Tusken Raiders any other race was considered a menace. A-Zulmun always prioritized the survival of his tribe above everything else. He also preferred to die as a warrior than as a coward. He did not speak basic, only Tusken.


Initially had a Gaderffii which he stuck inside the mole serpent's mouth and later was destroyed. He had desert robes on him and his own Bantha, as most Tusken Raiders did.

Behind the scenesEdit

He appears as a GM character in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game book, Secrets of Tatooine.

Alternate Path #1Edit

A-Zulmun was not healed by the players, which caused him to not be helpful. Still injured, A-Zulmun took to long to reach a vantage point. Therefore, the players killed Ranon and A-Zulmun missed his chance to do so. After Ranon was defeated, A-Zulmun still protected the cave entrance from anyone, including the players.

Alternate Path #2Edit

The players killed A-Zulmun and therefore fulfilled his desire to die fighting.


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