The A-vek Iiluunu was a Yuuzhan Vong capital ship used as a fighter carrier during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The A-vek Iiluunu fighter carrier appeared to be a flat, ovoid stone, from which protruded a number of spindly, branch-like appendages. Each of these projections was used to carry up to 144 coralskippers, 4 Yuuzhan Vong wings of 36 fighters each, the equivalent compliment of a New Republic Endurance-class fleet carrier.

Although the fighter carrier was armed with 20 yaret-kors and several dovin basal projectors, it was not designed as a warship. After releasing its starfighter wings into combat, the A-vek Iiluunu would retreat to the edge of the battlezone, providing support for the larger vessels.

It also served as a mothership for any returning fighters needing to be rejuvenated before heading back into the fray. At the end of a battle, the A-vek Iiluunu would recall its coralskippers, and any remaining fighters 'orphaned' from their original mothership.

The typical A-vek Iiluunu was 800 meters in length, requiring a crew of 320 to operate. The carrier could additionally accommodate 480 pilots and 280 metric tons of cargo.



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