"His weapon was in the sniper configuration."
K-2SO on Cassian Andor's A280-CFE[3]

The A280-CFE (covert field edition) convertible heavy blaster pistol, also known as an A280-CFE blaster rifle, was a modular version of the A280 blaster rifle. It featured a core pistol that could be reconfigured into an assault rifle or sniper rifle.[1] Captain Cassian Andor used an A280-CFE during the Battle on Jedha, the mission to Eadu, and the Battle of Scarif.[3]


Cassian Andor's A280 coverted to sniper rifle configuration

The A280-CFE convertible heavy blaster pistol featured an over-sized frame sporting the familiar, boxy design known by BlasTech enthusiasts. The CFE could quickly reconfigure into a blaster rifle through two attachments. Initially designed during the Clone Wars, the CFE was popular with the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Fulcrum agents during the Galactic Civil War.[2]

A forward-facing barrel and housing unit with a multi-optic scope clipped on over the pistol barrel, and a buttstock slid into the back to convert the pistol into rifle mode. The added length and stability improved accuracy, while enhanced Galven-patterns increased penetration and cohesion. Unfortunately, the CFE had to use low-powered eleton gas, as the nature of the clip-on barrel precluded using higher-powered gases.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

The core pistol prop was developed from the lower and upper receiver of the American AR-15 rifle.[4]



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