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The A4 laboratory assistant droid was a model of medical droid manufactured by MerenData, modified from their EV-series supervisor droid. It specialized in cybernetics, prostheses, and other types of implants. EV-A4-D, the doctor of General Grievous, was an A4 laboratory assistant droid.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

An A4 laboratory assistant droid at work

A first-degree droid,[3] the A4 laboratory assistant droid[1] was a model of medical droid[3] modified from the EV-series supervisor droid.[2] An extremely efficient model, the A4-series specialized in cybernetic prosthetics and other biomechanical implants and served as surgical aids for cybernetic implant prodedures. Though equipped with heuristic processors, they were not programmed for decision making.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Manufactured by MerenData,[1] the A4 labortory assistant droid proved so good at its tasks that hospitals upgraded them from surgical assistanst to chief surgical droids. When placed in their new roles, the droids did not object and went about their jobs. However, as they eveluated their new roles, the A4-series concluded that biological parts were inferior to cybernetic implants. As a result, patients across the galaxy awoke from sugery with healthy appendages unecessarily replaced with prostheses. The A4-series was quicky identified as the culprits, and the Galactic Senate banned its further sale and ordered all existing units destroyed, giving it the dubious disticntion of being one of the only medical droid models outlawed by the body. Despite this, MerenData never issued a formal recall, leaving many A4 owners ignorant of the edict and of the potentional danger of the giving them decision-making responsibility and allowing them to continue serving throughout the galaxy.[3]

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