The AAC-1 speeder tank was a military landspeeder that was used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


The AAC-1 speeder tank was fast, with exceptional lateral maneuverability allowing it to slip sideways and dodge incoming fire. Equipped with reinforced hull plating, the AAC-1's only weak point was found to be the black coolers on the sides of the tank. Its primary weapons were forward-facing laser cannons and particle cannons, which were capable of destroying an enemy tank with a small number of shots. A pair of rapid-fire missile turrets were mounted on the top of the vehicle. The pilot used the laser cannons and beam cannons whilst the gunner fired the missile turrets.[1] The speeder tank was employed as an anti-aircraft combat vehicle,[3] and employed a repulsorlift engine for movement.[2]


An Imperial slicer gaining access to an AAC-1.

Originally designed by SoroSuub Corporation, the vehicle that would become the AAC-1 was a prototype concept that never went into production. A SoroSuub designer sold the design blueprints to agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] and the Royal Naboo Security Forces[3] to pay off debts incurred from a night of Sabacc. The Alliance to Restore the Republic found the vehicle to be effective when used in lightning strikes against military targets.[1]

The Royal Naboo Security Forces employed AAC-1s during the Galactic Empire's assault on Naboo[5] in 18 BBY,[6] during which Queen Apailana was killed. Around 0 BBY, the Alliance and the Empire had AAC-1s stationed at their base on Polis Massa when the Empire raided the facility searching for the Death Star plans.[5]

A variant, the AAC-2 hovertank, was used by Rebel in battles such as the Skirmishes of Yavin 4.[5]

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This vehicle replaces the Rebel combat speeder from Star Wars: Battlefront, and shares the exact same backstory.



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